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Developer(s) Digital Atlantic Corp.
Stable release
9.5 / 16 December 2012; 4 years ago (2012-12-16)
Operating system Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7[1]
Size 8.0 MB[2]
Available in English, German, French, Spanish[2]
Type Data recovery software, optical disc authoring software
License Trialware

CDRoller is a utility for CD and DVD data recovery.[3][4][5] It supports a wide set of CD and DVD formats, including HD DVD and Blu-ray. CDRoller has the ability to read CD and DVD with UDF File System written by Roxio and Ahead Nero software. It allows to find the VOB files on mini DVD when recorded video cannot be played due to a failure of camcorder, or disc finalization was accidentally interrupted.[6] The built-in "Split Video" converts the recovered VOB data into generic MPEG-2 files that can be played back on "standard" Windows Media Player. CDRoller can also extract the pictures (JPEG files) from 8 cm CD-R/CD-RW, created by Sony Mavica CD digital camera.

File retrieval[edit]

The program also finds and retrieves the lost pictures, video and other types of files from flash memory cards, such as SmartMedia, Memory Stick, CompactFlash and other flash memory drives.

DVD authoring[edit]

A built-in DVD authoring option allows user to make a new disc in the DVD-Video format. A new CD or DVD can be also compiled from the recovered files and folders or ISO image.

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