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CD Travadores
CD Travadores.jpg
Full name Clube Desportivo Travadores
Nickname(s) Indios
Founded 15 October 1930
Ground Estádio da Varzea,
Praia, Cape Verde
Ground Capacity 8,000
Chairman Cape Verde Armindo Oliveira[1]
Manager Cape Verde Tazinho
League Santiago Island League (South)
2016–17 7th
Website Club home page
Current season

Clube Desportivo Travadores (Capeverdean Crioulo, ALUPEC: Klubi Desportivu Travadoris) is a football club that had played in the Premier division and the Santiago Island League (South) in Cape Verde. It is based in the capital city of Praia in the island of Santiago and plays in the stadium with a capacity of 8,000 It is one of the teams that won the most cups before and after independence. They are affiliated with S.L. Benfica. Its nicknames are indios and águias

Travadores is one of the most successful football (soccer) club in Cape Verde, having won about 12 official titles, 3 are national titles and 9 are regional titles.

Along with Sporting and Boavista, they form the Big Three of Praia (until 2003, the Big Three or Santiago) and being more popular than Mindelense today, it could be the Big Three of the nation.


Its logo is with a white crest (not fully circular) with a golden bird above, a green-red ribbon reading the Latin name "E pluribus unum", a red and white shield with a ball and a blue ribbon with the club name acronym in the middle. Its logo is nearly the same as Benfica's but the outer circle is white, Other logos are approximately the same but with some similarity are Paulense, Sport Sal Rei Club, Benfica of Brava and Benfica da Praia (Benfiquinha). Travadores' parent club is Benfica Praia which is another club who uses the same logo to Benfica's but slightly different.


Its uniform color are colored red with a white collar used for home games and a white t-shirt and socks with red shorts used for away games. Its former uniform was a red t-shirt and socks with white shorts used for home games.

Home uniform up to the 2014 season


The club was founded on 15 October 1930 in the capital Praia (then colonial), it is the island's second oldest club and Cape Verde's fourth oldest. CD Travadores was officially registered on 25 May 1939. Their first title was won in the early years of the club, title wins were achieved in 1960, 1968 and 1972, their greatest appearance in the colonial competition was in 1972 when they won their only colonial title. After independence, the club won two national titles in 1994 and in 1996. Travadores would enter African competitions three times. Their first continental competition was the CAF Cup in 1993 and advanced up to the preliminaries, their first appearance at the upper level was in 1995 and faced with Real de Banjul from the Gambia and their last was in 1997 when it became the CAF Champions League and participated up to the first round, this was their recent appearance in the continental level, in Travadores' last match at the CAF Champion's league which was on March 8, they lost the match 1-6 in Algiers, the club conceded six goals to three players including Nacer Zekri, Billel Dziri and Tarek Hadj Adlane, also it was the highest of any Cape Verdean club who conceded that many goals in a continental match.

Its greatest players of Travadores mainly during the 20th century including Casos de Mota Gomes, Sabino, Nicou, Nutcha (ALUPEK: Nutxa), Rubóm (now as Rubom), Mariozinho, Vu (then spelt as Vú), Raulinho, Bala, Flávio, Abel Barreto, Zé Maria, Zé Galado, Lemos, Tazinho Né, Zé di Loja, Cotchi (ALUPEK: Kotxi), Capuz and Tchacula. Its greatest players later included Tchesco and Loloti.

Also the club as also won eight regional titles, of which seven are of Santiago and one of the island's South Zone. Travadores' recent appearances at the national championships were in 2001 where they had only a draw and got a point and scored only a goal and in 2003 where the club took part in Group A, the club finished with two wins and a draw and scored seven goals and had seven points and qualified up to the semis.

The club finished at low to moderate positions in recent years, 8th place they finished in 2009, 2011 and in 2013. Travadores cup a regional cup title for 2013. In 2014, the club finished as runner up in the South Zone and had 37 goals scored and made 43 points, another one with the same in eleven years. For the next two seasons, the club finished 7th with 28 points and seven wins in 2016 and scored 26 goals. They also finished 7th in 2017 but were less successful, with 25 points 7 wins and four draws, one part became the worst and was goal concessions, 48 goals conceded and became the worst in the region. The worst was three matches where they conceded a total of 19, first on a first match to ADESBA 3-5 on February 3, then the unusual, losing to a club with moderate popularity, Os Garridos 0-7 on April 7 and the worst match of the season for Travadores and the final match of the season, another loss to ADESBA and larger and superseded Garridos' most goals conceded. Most of the later part, Anilton led the region in goal totals.

Playoff participation[edit]

Travadores first participated in the playoffs in 1960 and lost to CS Mindelense, this would repeat in 1968, they would win their first title in 1972 after defeating Académica from Mindelo, the first leg was tied and won the second 1–0, this was their only colonial title. After the end of colonial rule in Cape Verde, they participated in the finals for the first time as an independent nation, they lost to Mindelense in 1992, two years later in 1994, they would win their first title as an independent nation after defeating SC Atlético from the island of São Nicolau 2–0 and 2–1, they won their second and recent title in 1996. Their recent playoff participation was in 2003 and the club lost to Académico do Aeroporto 0-1 in the first match and the second match was scoreless and the club was out of the national championships and making it Travadores's recent appearance.


Estádio da Várzea, the home field of CD Travadores

It is played at Estádio da Várzea along with Praia's three other famous teams including Académica and Sporting Praia in the same stadium, the club also practices at the stadium and also at Sucupira just northwest, the club rarely practices at Complexo Desportivo Adega in Achada Grande Tras.

The club played at the Sucupira Field between 2001 and 2006 when they moved to the current Estádio da Várzea.


The club's main rivalry is with Sporting forming the Derby Eterno da Praia (Eternal Derby of Praia). Travadores is also rivalry to Desportivo Praia.


Before independence: 1
After independence: 2
1994, 1996
1959/60, 1967/68, 1971/72, 1991/92, 1993/94, 1995/96, 1999/2000

League and cup history[edit]

Performance in African competitions[edit]

Travadores's results in CAF competition
Season Competition Qualification method Round Opposition Home Away Aggregate
1993 CAF Cup Runner-up in the
Cape Verdean National Championships
First Round Mauritania ASC Air Mauritanie 0–0 0–0 0–0 (5–6 p)
1995 African Cup of Champions Clubs Cape Verdean champions Preliminary Round The Gambia Real de Banjul 0–0 1–0 0–1
1997 CAF Champions League Cape Verdean champions Preliminary Round Algeria USM Alger 1–3 6–1 2–9

Colonial era[edit]

Year Final(s) Club
1 2
1960 Lost CS Mindelense
1966 Lost CS Mindelense
1972 2–2 1–0 Académica (Mindelo)

National championship[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Notes Playoffs
2000 1A 4 2 0 1 1 2 3 -1 1 Did not advance Did not participate
2003 1B 2 4 2 1 1 7 4 +3 7 Promoted into playoffs Semifinalist

Island/Regional Championship[edit]

Season Div. Pos. Pl. W D L GS GA GD P Cup Tour Notes
2007–08 2 4 18 8 4 6 23 19 +4 28
2008–09 2 8 18 2 7 9 10 26 -16 13
2010–11 2 8 18 5 5 8 14 33 -19 20
2011–12 2 5 18 7 3 8 21 21 0 24
2012–13 2 8 18 4 6 8 19 21 -2 18 Winner
2013–14 2 2 18 13 4 1 37 10 +27 43
2014–15 2 8 18 5 1 12 17 38 -21 16
2015–16 2 7 22 7 7 8 26 31 -5 28
2016–17 2 7 22 7 4 11 34 48 -14 25 Round of 8


  • Best position: First Round (Continental)
  • Best position at a cup competition: Preliminary round (Continental)
  • Highest number of points in a season: 7 (national)
  • Appearances at a continental championship: 3
  • Total goals scored at Atrican competitions: 2 (CAF Champions League)
  • Total matches played at the continental level: 6
    • CAF Champions League: 4
    • CAF Cup WInner's Cup: 2

Current squad[edit]

As of 3 April 2017

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Cape Verde Claudino Évora Almeida
Kadu Barreto
Cape Verde Celso Mendes
Cape Verde Bruno Miguel Correia
Edmilson Varela
Cape Verde Ildemar Gomes
Cape Verde Ivandro Correia
Cape Verde Ivandro Pereira Cabral
Cape Verde Adilson Lopes
Cape Verde Admar de Jesus Lopes
Cape Verde José Carlos Mendes
No. Position Player
Cape Verde Lucas Cabral Mendes
Cape Verde Carlos Alberto Moreno
Cape Verde Paulo Ricardo Natividade
Cape Verde Nilton Cesar Paiva Tavares
Gbemisola Ogundele
Nigeria MF Chibike Okoronkwo
Cape Verde José Pereira
Cape Verde Clarimundo Stevon P. Mendes
Cape Verde António Paiva Tavares
Cape Verde Walter António Fernandes

Squad as of the 2015-16 season[edit]

As of 21 November 2015[2][3]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1 Cape Verde Danilson Varela
2 Cape Verde Djoni (João Baptista Miguel)
3 Cape Verde Mia (Ezequiel da Veiga)
4 Cape Verde Guy Andrade
5 Cape Verde Sassa (Carlos Moreno)
6 Cape Verde Givalder da Silva
7 Cape Verde Jaquelson (Jacqueson Teixeira)
8 Cape Verde Ozair Baessa
10 Cape Verde Adilson Mário Reis
11 Cape Verde Eduardo Tavares
12 Nigeria MF Chibike Okoronkwo
13 Cape Verde Batana (Edmilson Correia)
14 Cape Verde Deu (Adelson Vieira)
No. Position Player
15 Marcio Lopes
16 Cape Verde Elder Mendonça
18 Cape Verde Fortunato Gonçalves
19 Cape Verde Ivandro Correia
20 Cape Verde José Pereira
21 Cape Verde Celso Mendes
22 Cape Verde Adilson Lopes
23 Cape Verde Luis Tavares
24 Cape Verde Hermes Pinto
25 Cape Verde Jair Tavares
26 Kadu Barreto
27 Cape Verde Bertoni Santana


Other sports[edit]

Travadores also had a basketball and a volleyball team, bue due to the economic crisis and low arena visits had to close two clubs. The teams once played at Gimnodesportivo Vavá Duarte.[4] Travadores also has an athletic team and plays at Complexo Desportivo Adega.


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