CS Mont-Royal Outremont

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CS Mont-Royal Outremont
Full nameClub Soccer Mont-Royal Outremont
Nickname(s)CSMRO, Les Griffons
StadiumREC Mont-Royal
PresidentLuc Brutus [1]
Head CoachLuc Brutus [2]
LeagueLigue1 Québec
2023L1Q-Male, 3rd
L1Q-Female, 9th
WebsiteClub website
Current season

Club Soccer Mont-Royal Outremont is a Canadian semi-professional soccer club based in the Montreal boroughs of Mount Royal and Outremont. Since 2013, the club has competed in Ligue1 Québec.[3] Their women's team has competed in the women's division of the PLSQ since 2019.


In 2013, the club joined the Première ligue de soccer du Québec, a Division III league, fielding a team in the men's division.[4] During their inaugural season, they won both the League title and the League Cup.[5][6]

They once again finished as league champions in 2015 and 2016.[7] By winning the league title, they participated in the Inter-Provincial Cup, which was created in 2014, against the champion of League1 Ontario to determine the Canadian Division III champion.[8] In 2015, they were defeated by the Oakville Blue Devils,[9] but in 2016, they won the title by defeating Vaughan Azzurri.[10]

They added a team in the women's division of the PLSQ for the 2019 season with Lakers du Lac Saint-Louis, which was run by the Association Régionale de Soccer du Lac St-Louis of which they are a member, transferring their team to CSMRO.[11][12]

In 2019, the club partnered with Major League Soccer club CF Montréal, joining their Centre d'identification et perfectionnement (scouting and development centre).[13]

In 2021, they won their fourth PLSQ title, matching the record of AS Blainville, qualifying them for the 2022 Canadian Championship.[14]



Season League Teams Record Rank League Cup Inter-Provincial Cup Canadian Championship Ref
2013 Première ligue de soccer du Québec 7 11–4–3 Champions Champions Not eligible [15]
2014 6 9–5–6 3rd Semi-finals did not qualify [15]
2015 7 11–3–4 Champions Finalists Finalists [15]
2016 7 14–2–2 Champions Semi-finals Champions [15]
2017 7 6–6–6 4th Quarter-finals [15]
2018 8 14–3–4 2nd Quarter-finals did not qualify [15]
2019 9 11–4–1 2nd Finalists did not qualify [15]
2020 on hiatus – COVID-19
2021 Première ligue de soccer du Québec 10[note 1] 13–1–2 Champions did not qualify [15]
2022 12 12–5–5 4th Semi-Finals Preliminary round [15]
2023 Ligue1 Québec 12 12–5–5 3rd Finalists did not qualify
  1. ^ Ottawa South United withdrew from the 2021 league mid-way through due to government restrictions, with their matches removed from the standings. Thus, CS Mont-Royal Outremont's victory against Ottawa is not included in their record.


Season League Teams Record Rank League Cup Ref
2019 Première ligue de soccer du Québec 6 2–4–9 6th [16]
2020 on hiatus – COVID-19
2021 Première ligue de soccer du Québec 10 3–2–4 6th did not qualify [16]
2022 12 5–0–6 5th did not qualify [16]
2023 Ligue1 Québec 12 2–6–3 9th Quarter-finals [17]

Players and Staff[edit]


As of May 5, 2023[18]
No. Pos. Player Nation
1 GK Gabard Fénélon  Haiti
2 DF Hamza Methamem  Tunisia
3 DF Anis Galiz  Algeria
4 DF Louis-Philippe Campagna  Canada
6 MF Billal Qsiyer  France
7 DF Abdelmouhaimen Nboucha  Canada
8 MF Maxime Olivieri  France
9 FW Amadou Bayo  Guinea
10 MF Nabil Saada  France
12 MF Oussama Laguel  Canada
13 DF Amadou Lam  Mauritania
14 DF Émile Legault  Canada
15 MF Werner Christiner  Austria
16 MF Yannick Toker  Canada
17 MF Frantz Piton  Haiti
18 MF Kevin Le Nours  France
19 FW Ritch-Andy Jean-Pierre  Canada
20 DF Renan Dias (captain)  Brazil
22 FW Greguy Saint-Simon  Haiti
23 MF Étienne Donfred  Canada
24 DF Ulric Belanger  Canada
25 MF Flavio Colasanti  Italy
91 GK Valentin Lamoulie  Canada
99 GK Julian Petrilli  Canada

Coaching staff[edit]

As of March 18, 2022[19]
  • Canada Luc Brutus – head coach
  • Canada Sevan Ortaaslan – orthopedic surgeon
  • Canada Manon Coté – doctor
  • Canada Ludovic Godefroy – fitness coach
  • Canada Stephanie Liganor – physiotherapist
  • Canada Mher Nahabedian – assistant coach
  • Canada Eduard-Nick Pascalau - coach

Notable former players[edit]

The following players have either played at the professional or international level, either before or after playing for the PLSQ team:





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