CTT Correios de Portugal, S.A.

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CTT - Correios de Portugal, S.A.
Sociedade Anónima
Traded as EuronextCTT
Industry Mail
Founded 1520 as Correio Público (Public Post)
Headquarters Lisbon, Portugal
Key people
Francisco de Lacerda, Chairman & CEO
Website www.ctt.pt

Postal Services of Portugal, plc (Portuguese: CTT Correios de Portugal, S.A.) is the national postal service of Portugal.

The acronym CTT comes from the former name of this department (Portuguese: Correios, Telégrafos e Telefones, meaning "Post, Telegraph and Telephone"), which was also the designation of postal services for the former Portuguese Colonies and still for the Macau Postal Service nowadays.

CTT has become a public limited company in 1991, and in December 2013 the shares were listed on Euronext Lisbon.[1]

In 2007, CTT started to offer a mobile phone service in Portugal, under the brand name Phone-ix.

CTT were privatised in 2014, in order for the Portuguese government to raise money and comply with the European Union requirements for its bailout. In the previous year, 70% of the CTT shares had already been alienated.[2]


  • 1520: King Manuel I creates the public mail service of Portugal, the Correio PúblicoPublic Post Office.
  • 1533: the first postal service regulation in Portugal.
  • 1753: the first financial mails regulations in Portugal.
  • 1821: the beginning of house-to-house mail delivering in Portugal.
  • 1880: the fusion of the Post Office and the Telegraphs Department in one single service, the Department of Posts, Telegraphs and LighthousesDirecção-Geral de Correios, Telégraphos e Faróis.
  • 1911: the department received administrative and financial autonomy from the Portuguese State and become the General Administration of Posts, Telegraphs and TelephonesAdministração-Geral dos Correios, Telégrafos e Telefones—adopting the CTT acronym which was kept until today, even after the several changes of official name.
  • 1953: CTT adopts the horse rider logo. The logo represents an ancient postman rider of the CTT, announcing his arrival with a bugle. The logo was reformed three times, the last one in 2004.
  • 1969: CTT becomes a State Company, adopting the name CTT Correios e Telecomunicações de PortugalCTT Posts and Telecommunications of Portugal.
  • 1992: the telecommunications service is separated from the CTT, becoming an autonomous company. At the same time, CTT become a public limited company (with all shares owned by the Portuguese government), adopting the name CTT Correios de PortugalCTT Posts of Portugal.
  • 2014: the CTT becomes a totally private company.


The CTT group[edit]

The CTT group includes the following subsidiaries:

CTT Correios: national and international regular mail delivering company;
CTT Expresso: national and international express mail service;
Mailtec: management and information systems research & development company;
PostContacto: non addressed mail delivering company;
Campos Envelopagem: direct marketing and editorial mail company;
PayShop: utility services pay net service;
Phone-ix: mobile communications operator;
Tourline Express: express mail service (Spain).

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  • CTT official website


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