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Calico may refer to:


Plants and animals[edit]

  • Calico butterfly, a genus of brush-footed butterflies commonly called the Crackers, Calicoes, or Clicks
  • Calico cat, a domestic cat with the common three- or four-colored coat pattern calico
  • Calico (goldfish), goldfish that have a type of metallic and transparent scales
  • Calico grouper, a species of fish found in Bermuda and the United States
  • Kalmia latifolia, a species of flowering plant also known as calico-bush
  • Loeseliastrum, a genus of flower plants also called calico
  • Aristolochia littoralis, a species of vine also called calico flower
  • Flint corn, sometimes called calico corn
  • Calico Bristle-nose Pleco, a color mutation of the Common Bristle-nose Pleco Ancistrus cirrhosus



  • Calico Cooper (born 1981), American actress; daughter of rock and roll musician Alice Cooper
  • Calico Jack (1682–1720), English pirate captain in the early 18th century
  • Tara Calico (born 1969), a 19-year-old who disappeared in 1988
  • Tyrone Calico (born 1980), American football wide receiver

Companies and organizations[edit]

  • Calico (company), an independent venture from Google founders to tackle the most difficult health care problems, such as extending lifespan
  • CALICO (consortium) (Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium), an international consortium devoted to the dissemination of information concerning language learning technology

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