Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre

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Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre
Land Force Doctrine and Training System Crest.jpg
Badge of the former Land Force Doctrine and Training System
Active 2000—present
Country  Canada
Branch Canadian Army
Type Army training
Size 3,200 regular and reserve personnel
Part of Canadian Army
Garrison/HQ Kingston, Ontario
Motto(s) Victoria per Scientia
Website Official website
Major-General J.M. Lanthier

The Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre (CADTC) (French: Centre de la doctrine et de l'instruction de l'Armée canadienne), formerly the Land Force Doctrine and Training System (LFDTS), is a formation of the Canadian Army headquartered at McNaughton Barracks, CFB Kingston, Ontario. CADTC is the organization that is responsible for delivering army training and developing army doctrine. Approximately 3,200 officers and soldiers are assigned to CADTC. The organization was renamed on 18 July 2013 as part of the reorganization of the Canadian Army.[1]


The Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre is composed of its Headquarters in Kingston and a number of training establishments across Canada.

Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre Headquarters provides the staff functions that are normally found in a headquarters including operations, personnel, finance, logistics and public affairs to support the CADTC Commander, formations, units and directorates. In addition, the headquarters provides support to the Commander of the Canadian Army through several different directorates including:

  • Chief of Staff Army Training Authority
  • The Army Lessons Learned Centre
  • The Influence Activities Task Force

The Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC) located in historic Fort Frontenac at CFB Kingston, Ont., is the intellectual home of the Canadian Army and is tasked with training Army officers to perform command and staff functions. The Staff College is also the Army’s Formation Operations Centre of Excellence, responsible for preparing formation headquarters to deploy on operations at home or overseas. The CACSC absorbed the former Directorate of Land Synthetic Environments, responsible for operational-level simulation and delivering formation-level computer aided exercises (CAX). Courses delivered by the Staff College include:

  • The Junior Officer Staff Qualification
  • The Army Operations Course
  • The Command Team Course

The Peace Support Training Centre, located at CFB Kingston, is tasked to provide training to Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force personnel, as well as personnel from Other Government Departments and foreign militaries for missions that range from traditional "blue hat" peacekeeping and military observer deployments to counter-insurgency operations. As well, PSTC is responsible for Information Operations training. Courses delivered by the Peace Support Training Centre include:

  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • Military Observer Course
  • Hazardous Environment Training
  • Civil-Military Cooperation Operator
  • Civil-Military Cooperation Staff Officer
  • Psychological Operations Operator
  • Psychological Operations Target Audience Analyst
  • Psychological Operations Staff officer
  • Information Operations

The Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre, located at CFB Wainwright, Alberta, is the Canadian Army’s national training centre which designs and delivers formation-level training in a contemporary operating environment. CMTC includes purpose-built urban environments, actors who simulate civilians in the battlespace, an opposing force and an advanced Weapons Effects Simulation system. In addition, there is a cadre of experienced Observer Controller/Trainers who work to maximize the training benefits for the training audience. Army formations preparing for domestic or international operations are trained at CMTC.

The Combat Training Centre headquartered at 5 Canadian Division Support Base Gagetown, New Brunswick, and with schools at Gagetown, and at CFB Kingston, 8 Wing Trenton and CFB Borden in Ontario, is responsible for individual training of Army soldiers and officers.

  • The Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School
  • The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery School
  • The Royal Canadian School of Infantry
  • The Tactics School
  • The Royal Canadian Engineers School
  • The Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics
  • The Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers School
  • The Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre
  • The Canadian Army Trials and Evaluations Unit


Due to the 2013 change of name, the CADTC still makes use of the old LFDTS badge. On 27 July 2015, pictures showing a change of command at the Combat Training Centre revealed that CADTC staff now wear the formation patch of I Canadian Corps on the upper left arms of their dress uniform.[2]


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