Cape Fligely

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Cape Fligely
мыс Флигели
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Cape Fligely is located at the northern tip of Rudolf Island in Franz Josef Land.
Map showing the location of Cape Fligely
Map showing the location of Cape Fligely
LocationArkhangelsk Oblast,  Russia
Coordinates81°50′35″N 59°14′22″E / 81.84306°N 59.23944°E / 81.84306; 59.23944Coordinates: 81°50′35″N 59°14′22″E / 81.84306°N 59.23944°E / 81.84306; 59.23944
Offshore water bodiesArctic Ocean

Cape Fligely (Russian: Мыс Флигели; Mys Fligeli) is the northernmost point of Europe, Eurasia, and Russia and is 911 kilometres (566 mi) from the North Pole. It is located on the northern shores of Rudolf Island, Franz Josef Land, Russian Federation.[1][2]


This cape was first visited on 12 April 1874 by Austro-Hungarian North Pole expedition and named after Austrian cartographer Field Marshal August von Fligely (1811–1879).[3]

The northernmost point of Europe is the nameless cape located 450 m North and 1800 m west of Cape Fligely

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