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Carolina La O
Carolina La O 1.jpg
Background information
Birth name Carolina Ovalle Arango
Born (1979-04-12) April 12, 1979 (age 38)
Manizales, Caldas, Colombia
Origin Colombia
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1995–present
Labels Warner Music Group / WEA Latina (1999–2005)
DG Music / Universal Music Group (2006-2008)
Peer Music (2008-present) / Codiscos (2016-present)

Carolina Ovalle Arango, known to fans as "Carolina La O" (born April 12, 1979 Manizales, Colombia) is a Colombian Salsa and Tropical music singer. Carolina la O[1] made her live debut at the age of six, singing a traditional song called "Campesina Santandereana" at her elementary school. After she graduated from a local university, holding a management degree,


Early Years[edit]

In the late 1990s Carolina joined Colombian tropical group salsa/cumbia Alquimia la Sonora del XXI, the Sonora Matancera tribute band, conquered the Latin region with their version of the sonora's hits, Carolina la O demonstrated her tremendous vocal capacity which took her all over the world and earned the respect of critics and the love of the public. On February 14, 1998, the young artist had the opportunity to perform at New York's Copacabana, performing along with salsa star Celia Cruz.

Carolina la O[edit]

In 1999, she ventured as a solo artist with her album, El Son de Ahora[2] with a rhythm similar to the work she did while in Alquimia and a style of her own.

Carolina La O y la Guarachera del Mundo cantando juntas en New York el 14 de Febrero de 1998
Carolina La O en sus inicios al lado de Alquimia
Carolina La O trabajando en su tercera producción musical dirigida por Kike Santander

In 2001 Carolina la O[3] returned with her second solo album was released Dulce Veneno[4] the title of her first single, where she proved to be among the best in her genre. The album was filled out by including remixes of the title song, Dulce Veneno in ranchera, ballad, and the original salsa romantica, format. Although weaker than her first solo effort, it contains a stunning song "Sabe a Chocolate".

In 2003, her third album was released Carolina[5] which was produced by Kike Santander. That same year, Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) picked Carolina as Latin Image. In 2004 Carolina then continued her success when she was asked to join the Telemundo reality show on the Latin American television hit, Protagonistas de la Fama VIP.

In 2006 Carolina la O returns with a fresh new sensual image to complement her musical production entitled DE MI FUEGO,[6][7] which contains 11 songs; a fusion of Caribbean Colombian, and Tropical music sounds that are sure to delight music fans everywhere. "CONTIGO" was the first promotional single, a mix of Colombian Cumbia and Modern Tropical rhythms.

In 2009 she came out Reencuentro Con los Gemelos,[8] The resurgence of Salsa, has been credited to a few great albums by the likes of Spanish Harlem Orchestra, Bobby Valentín, and Oscar de Leon. These amazing albums have showcased the avant-garde aspect of this music which was prevalent in the 70's. Now an album focused on that other side of 70's salsa, salsa matancera, is hitting the streets as it takes modern dancers back to the heyday of Johnny Pacheco, Celia Cruz, Tipica ’73 and Ismael Rivera y los Cachimbos. After ten years of developing solo careers these three soneros have reunited, not to rehash old material, but to create a new sound without losing the essence of their heyday together. With eclectic material that ranges from songs once performed by Trio Matamoros, Celia Cruz, Oscar D’Leon, Héctor Lavoe, all the way to Marc Anthony, this album brings it all together with a cohesive conjunto sound. Included are hit songs such as Llego El Sabor, Cucala, Hueso Na Ma, Azucar Negra, and the album's first single, "El Ultimo Beso".[9][10]

With two nominations for Female Tropical Artist of the Year 2010 at the Premio Lo Nuestro and Billboard[11] Awards for Latin music, Carolina la O is celebrating his return and 15 years of career[12] through their new release "Carolina la O en Vivo" through her new album recorded in live during her presentation at the Metropol Theater in Bogotá in Colombia, at the end of last year and which collects the best of her music in CD / DVD, interpreting the most representative songs of her artistic career.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Premio Lo Nuestro[edit]

Carolina la O[13] was nominated for two Premio Lo Nuestro Awards aired on Univisión in 2002 and 2010 . In 2002 She was nominated for Female Artist of the Year under the Tropical-genre categories. In 2010, she was once again nominated[14] for Female Artist of the Year[15] under the Tropical-genre category.[16]

Billboard Latin Music Awards[edit]

Carolina la O received two Latin Billboard Music Award nominations[17] for "Tropical Female Artist of the year" for her album "Dulce Veneno" in 2002. In 2010 she was once again nominated for Female Artist of the Year[18] under the Tropical-genre category. The awards aired in Telemundo.

During 2010, the Colombian singer, remained the leader in the popularity charts at the top ranking in U.S.A, reaching # 5 nationally, # 1 in Puerto Rico, # 1 in Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru, " Que queda de este amor " y " El Ultimo Beso "songs that are part of her album "Carolina la O En Vivo " She was also back to her country Colombia aboard the Hospital Ship "Comfort" as a member of the humanitarian mission that the American squad held in the town of Covenas and surrounding communities, from 8 until August 11. She performed aboard a ship for its nearly 900 crew and in the main square of town both accompanied by the Band of the U.S. Air Force and part of the original musicians of her group for 5 thousand plus attendees.

Carolina la O formed part of the tribute "Salsa: A Tribute to El Gran Combo", in commemoration of 48 years of Salsa Institution during the month of October, in the musical production of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, the Colombian recorded the song "El Menu" with Edgar Daniel and NG-2 with accompanying by Roselyn Pabón, the Symphony Orchestra of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico and the musical director, Isidro Infante on the piano.

The Colombian artist concludes a nomination for the second consecutive year in the category "Tropical Female Artist of the Year at the Premios Lo Nuestro, in one of the major categories of the 2011 version.


Studio albums[edit]

Year Title
1999 El Son de Ahora
  • 1st Studio Album
  • Released: 1999
2001 Dulce Veneno
  • 2nd Studio Album
  • Released: 2001
2003 Carolina
  • 3rd Studio Album
  • Released: 2003
2006 De Mi Fuego
  • 4th Studio Album
  • Released: 2006
2009 Reencuentro con Los Gemelos
  • 5th Studio Album
  • Released: 2009

Live DVD albums[edit]

Year Title
2010 Carolina la O en Vivo
  • 1st Live Album
  • Released: 2010


Year Title
1999 El Son de Ahora
  • Yo soy la Rumba
2001 Dulce Veneno
  • Dulce Veneno
2003 Carolina
  • Prefiero estar Sola
2006 De Mi Fuego
  • Contigo
  • Dime Dime
2009 Reencuentro con Los Gemelos
  • Azucar Negra
2010 Carolina la O en Vivo
  • El Ultimo Beso
  • Que queda de este Amor



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