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What makes a boxer a "British boxer"?[edit]

I'm trying to develop a metric for determining whether or not a boxer is arguably a "British boxer." Obviously, if someone is born, raised, and fights out of the UK, he's British. However, a number of boxers come to Britain (especially England) from the rest of Europe and the Republic of Ireland -- these prove problematic.

So far, a useful way to categorize has been to ask the following questions:

  1. "If the boxer was not born in the UK, did they acquire UK citizenship?" If so, they're British.
  2. "Does the boxer consider themselves another nationality?" If so, they're not British.
  3. "Did the boxer represent Britain at major international amateur events (the Olympics, the European and World championships, the Boxing World Cup, etc)?" Probably British. Note that the Commonwealth Games should count for that.
  4. "Did the boxer begin their pro career outside the UK, and fight out of another country?" If so, not British either (ie, a boxer is born in London, trains as an amateur there without going to major international competition, moves to Las Vegas and fights in the US almost exclusively). This is mainly for times when you can't find out if the other 3 questions apply.

Note that Boxrec's "nationality" field in a boxer's record is not a good resource for this, as it is unreliable (they have several methods of determining nationality, and there are gaps because of it).