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Jane Austen, Bronte sisters missing[edit]

Jane Austen (b.1775 d.1817) is not listed in either the 18th nor 19th century women writers listing. None of the three Bronte sisters are mentioned in the 19th century listing.

I've noticed that this particularly category - Category:Women writers - is rather shockingly incomplete. For instance, in the subcategory "Category:Women writers by format" --> "Category:Women poets", Emily Dickinson is not mentioned.

It appears that already-established categories such as "English novelists" may be more complete, although not as specific. While I would deeply appreciate the availability of a list of notable female writers that does not require me to sort through nationality, the current incarnation appears so incomplete as to be nearly useless. --Grantkh (talk) 05:25, 15 July 2009 (UTC)