Cavite National Science High School

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Cavite National Science High School
Pambansang Mataas na Paaralang Pang-Agham ng Cavite
RSHS 4A Logo.png
Instituto Regional de Ciencia
Latin: Regionalium Scientia Alta Schola
Motto Scientia Et Virtus
Motto in English
"Knowledge And Virtue"
Type Science High School
Established 1981
Principal Jose E. Samson Jr.
Location Maragondon, Cavite,  Philippines
14°16′24″N 120°44′18″E / 14.27333°N 120.73833°E / 14.27333; 120.73833Coordinates: 14°16′24″N 120°44′18″E / 14.27333°N 120.73833°E / 14.27333; 120.73833
Campus Garita-B, Maragondon, Cavite
Language English, Filipino, Spanish
School Publications The Molecules (English)
Ang Molekyuls (Filipino)
Colors Blue and White         
Nickname CavSci, RegSci
Affiliations Division of Schools - Cavite
Regional Science High School Union

The Cavite National Science High School is a secondary public science high school located in Garita-B (beside Maragondon Elementary School), Maragondon, Cavite in the Philippines. It is the Regional Science High School for Region IV-A.


The surging current change intensified by the rapid advancement in the field of science and technology has impelled the educators in this country to undertake a renovation in the design and direction of the educational system. The Division of Cavite, always alert and sensitive to innovation and changes, committed to the responsibility of providing the youth with education is truly relevant to the needs of a changing society. It has an ongoing program of propagating science consciousness in all secondary schools which will culminate in a four-year project to establish a purely science high school for the division.

Conformably with the DECS Regional Memorandum No. 57, s. 1977 entitled the Eleven-Point Regional Educational Program, the former division science supervisor Mrs. Yolita S. Amiscosa was tasked on August 8, 1978, by the schools division sueprintendent Mrs. Loreto G. Riego de Dios to prepare a brief comprehensive feasibility study on the organization of special science classes at Emiliano Tria Tirona Memorial High School (ETTMNHS) Kawit, Cavite. This served as a pilot project of the division of Cavite in the establishment of a separate science high school. An evaluation of ETTMNHS and other secondary schools was made and site of Bucal Barangay High School (BBHS) was found to be the tentative site. The initial plan was the conversion of BBHS at Maragondon to Cavite Provincial Science High School offering two-track curriculum. But the DECS division committee chairman Assistant Superintendent Dr. Sixto Vera Cruz as the co chairman and the provincial board education committee led by Atty. Servillano Castor and the Governor Juanito Remulla felt the need to have a separate school to become purely science high school. Thus Cavite Provincial Science High School (CPSHS) was established through a provincial board resolution No. 160 s.1979 dated July 26, 1979. They insisted too, that the school should be located in the Poblacion along the national highway for this project will offer an opportunity to Maragondon municipality being declared by President Marcos as one of the tourist zones, due to its proximity to famous international tourist spot, the Puerto Azul. Believing also that such worthy educational project can be the source and foundation of many improvements in the locality and surrounding areas. It could also be one of the factors for the realization of the countryside development program of the government. The donation of the two-hectare lot was worked out by the then District Supervisor Mr. Andres Samaniego which was at once approved by the municipal board members and previous Maragondon Mayor, congressman of the third district of Cavite, Atty. Telesforo Unas.

The superintendent labored hard for the approval of the establishment of the school until the ocular visit of the former Minister Onofre D. Corpuz of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The minister then approved the request to open the Cavite Provincial Science High School on October 26, 1979. This was forwarded to the provincial board on November 12 of the same year for the release of the funding for the school's first year of operation in school year 1980 - 81. Cavite Governor Juanito R. Remulla, who was very much concerned in education, gave all his all out support for the initial funding for personnel services, maintenance and operating expenses, and capital outlay for the first two classrooms, science, mathematics, and technology equipment.

A division memorandum on the selection of students, the conduct of entrance examination and admission policy had been disseminated to the whole division. The first entrance examination, consisting of aptitude, mental ability test, and achievement test, were conducted at Naic Central Elementary School. The result showing the top 80 student qualifiers with the 20 alternates on the waiting list had been released through DECS Division Office Memorandum.

There were contradictions from other municipal and provincial government officials on the location of the school. Inspired by a provincial board member's sincerity, enthusiasm and sense of purpose to improve and uplift the educational status of Western Cavite, the provincial government and schools division officials finally opened the CPSHS on July 1, 1981. Together they firmly believe that "if the youth, due to poverty and other factors, cannot go to quality school, leth the good schools be brought to the mountain for the people." DECS permit to operate No.001, s.1982 was then granted on January 8, 1982. The very first two-storey building with two classrooms was constructed on the athletic grounds of Maragondon Elementary School along the national highway, which was donated to CPSHS by the municipal government. It had 80 students and 4 teachers Miss Estrellita Manalo, Miss Emelinda Pareja, Mrs. Imelda Manzano and Mr. Alberto Rodil plucked from the best in the area, and a janitor Mr. Antonio Castor. The newly promoted district supervisor Dr. Raquel A. Mendoza was designated as officer-in-charge.

In establishing CPSHS, the following objectives were set to be realized: (a) To help implement the objective of the secondary education which is to understand the wide possibilities of arts and science as permanent sources of pleasure and profits, and discover broaden and heighten students' abilities in an appreciation for them; (b) To provide opportunities for the disadvantage but talented students of Cavite and obtain a more excellent and relevant secondary education in the field of science; (c) To provide better training ground for teachers of science and mathematics in the division; (d) To provide learning experiences through simple research and experimentation on the uses of local and indigenous materials which are abundant in the locality; and (e) To help in solving relevant problems of the community through research and experimentation. The school adapted the Region IV special science curriculum with additional subjects in Mathematics, Science, and English for all year levels with the general secondary schools curriculum as the core. The emphasis lies on the elective science, mathematics, and research and technology subjects.


SUBJECT Grade 7 Grade 8 Grade 9 Grade 10
SCIENCE Natural Science 7 Biology 8 Inorganic Chemistry 9 College Physics 10
Earth Science Introduction to Physics Organic Chemistry
MATHEMATICS Elementary Algebra 7 Intermediate Algebra 8 Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry 9 Calculus 10
Basic Statistics Geometry Advanced Statistics
ENGLISH Grammar & Philippine Literature 7 Grammar & Asian Literature 8 Grammar & American Literature 9 Grammar & World Literature 10
FILIPINO Grammar & Ibong Adarna 7 Grammar & Florante at Laura 8 Grammar & Noli Me Tangere 9 Grammar & El Filibusterismo 10
SOCIAL STUDIES Philippine History and Government 7 Asian History 8 World History 9 Economics 10
MAPEH Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health 7 Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health 8 Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health 9 Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health 10
COMPUTER SCIENCE Computer Basics and HTML QBasic Programming
RESEARCH Technical Writing Advanced Technical Writing Research I Research II
SCIENCE ELECTIVES Botany Zoology Biotechnology
MATHEMATICS ELECTIVES Business Mathematics Analytic Geometry Linear Algebra


Who may avail of the Service:

Grade VI pupils at the upper 20% of the graduating class.
No grade lower than 85% in Science, Math and English.
General Average no lower than 85%.
Physically Fit
Students with special aptitudes in Science & Mathematics
Recommended by their school principal

CNSHS Hymn[edit]

Alma Mater dearest school, teach art and science through land,
Send thy light, thy name, afar sing her a praise to the sky,
You who stand upon the heights, forever sung on high,
To thee we give our sincere loyalty dear school,
For her lasting memories, we give her victory,
We receive thy lasting light, our shelter and our guide,
High school days are memories of happiness and love
CNSHS, we give you love and praise
By Dr. Jerico Vasquez

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