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This article is about Charu, the Sanskrit word. For Charu, the Etruscan psychopomp, see Charun.

Charu is a Sanskrit word. It means something beautiful, graceful and pure in a spiritual sense.

The word also means one who is radiant and graceful and is often used in the Ramayana for praising Lord Rama. The word Charu is also used in a popular poem to describe the beauty of the moon-Charu chandra ki chanchal kirne khel rahi thi jal-thal mein. Charu is a popular name given to Hindu males and females - mostly females and means divinely good looking. It refers to the kind of beauty that is out of this materialistic world and is more often referred to praise Lord Rama and other celestial body such as the full moon.

In Sanskrit Charu is the name of a flower.

Charu in a sweet porridge-like foodstuff offered as ahuti (offering) in Yajnas.

Many popular and famous person have the name Charu. For example:-