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Charu or cāru (चारु[1]) is a word derived from Sanskrit that refers to something beautiful, graceful and pure in a spiritual sense.

The word also means one who is radiant and graceful and is often used in the Ramayana for praising Lord Rama.[citation needed] It refers to the kind of beauty that is out of this materialistic world and often refers to celestial bodies such as the full moon. In a popular Hindi poem, charu is used to describe the beauty of the moon-Charu chandra ki chanchal kirne khel rahi thi jal-thal mein[2].

As a name[edit]

Charu is a popular name given to Hindu males and females - mostly females and means divinely good looking. Notable people with the name Charu include:

Other meanings[edit]

In Sanskrit Charu is the name of a flower.

Charu is a sweet porridge-like foodstuff offered as ahuti (offering) in Yajnas. Charu in Telugu means "soup"


  1. ^ See in Macdonnell's Practical Sanskrit Dictionary: "agreeable, welcome, pleasing; dear; fair, lovely"
  2. ^ According to Google Translate, this poem means: "Charun Chandra's playful rays were playing in the water"