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Mumbai-Chennai Express Train Route map

The Chennai Mumbai Express is an Indian Railways train which travels between Chennai Central and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, India. It travels at around 40–50 km/h. This train is numbered 11041 for the Mumbai-Chennai run and 11042 for the Chennai-Mumbai run. Previously, before being transferred to Central Railway, the train was with Southern Railway, with the numbers 6011 and 6012. Nowadays there is super fast train between Dadar (Mumbai) and Chennai which takes roughly 23 hours and 30 minutes for the journey of 1271 kilometres.

In the latest time table effective July 2010. By Mumbai Mail, one can reach Chennai from Mumbai in two nights and one day. The distance is 1250 Kilometers and time taken is 30 hours.

Arrival/Departure Time[edit]

Train No.11041 running for ChennaiCentral(MAS) Leaves MumbaiCST at 02:00 PM and reach destination at 04:45 PM next day.It starts the return journey carrying train No.11042 at 11.55 AM from Chennai Central (MAS) and reach Mumbai CST(CSTM)at 01:35 PM next day.[1]



This train is commonly hauled by WDM-3A or WDG-3A. At some occasions, the train is hauled by twin WDM-3A of kazipet/kalyan/pune shed. From Mumbai CST to Pune, the train is hauled by a Kalyan based WCAM 2P/3 and from Pune to Guntakal WDM3A or WDP4B and from Guntakal to Chennai Central, it is hauled by AC traction loco WAP-4 or WAM-4.


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