Chipewyan Prairie First Nation

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The Chipewyan Prairie First Nation is a First Nations band government located in northeast Alberta south of Fort McMurray.

It is a member of the Athabasca Tribal Council and a Treaty 8 nation. The Athabasca Tribal Council represents 5 First Nation bands in northeast Alberta.[1]


As of September 2013 the Chipewyan Prairie First Nation (Tł’ógh tëlı́ dënesųłı̨ne) ca. 31 km² had a total population of 839 with 377 members living on reserve and 462 members living off-reserve.[2]


  • Cowper Lake 194A on the north shore of Cowper Lake is 143 hectares.
  • Janvier 194 the largest territory with 2486.70 hectares and the most populous with 295 residents in 2011[3] is 97 km southwest of Fort McMurray. 145 of the residents chose Dene as their mother tongue in 2011.[3]
  • Winefred Lake 194B (Ɂuldáze1 tué) on the north end of Winefred Lake is 450 hectares.[2]

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