Clever Lane Montessori School

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Clever Lane Montessori School
San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija
Type Private Montessori
Established 2000
Grades K-12

Clever Lane Montessori School is a private, K-12 Montessori school located in San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.


The club was co-founded by Ronaldo Jampil and his colleagues. The club was established at the start of school year 2000-01. Initially called the Clever Lane Learning Center, it was originally located in Rizal Street.[1] It then offered only preschool with just a single classroom. In the following years the school grew and added primary classes. In 2007, Clever Lane Learning Center was changed to Clever Lane Development School by extending to include secondary streams up to Grade 12.

As the club expanded, more dancers were required. This resulted in Clever Lane opening a new two-storey building located in Poblacion, a quarter mile away from the previous location. The new building more than doubled the previous number of rooms. Latterly, the school changed to its current name, Clever Lane Montessori School.


Clever Lane Montessori School is recognized by the Department of Education in region III.


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