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Municipality of Jaen
Municipal Hall
Municipal Hall
Official seal of Jaen
Map of Nueva Ecija with Jaen highlighted
Map of Nueva Ecija with Jaen highlighted
Jaen is located in Philippines
Location within the Philippines
Coordinates: 15°20′N 120°54′E / 15.33°N 120.9°E / 15.33; 120.9Coordinates: 15°20′N 120°54′E / 15.33°N 120.9°E / 15.33; 120.9
Country Philippines
RegionCentral Luzon (Region III)
ProvinceNueva Ecija
District4th District
FoundedJune 18, 1865
Barangays27 (see Barangays)
 • TypeSangguniang Bayan
 • MayorSylvia C. Austria
 • Electorate45,976 voters (2016)
 • Total85.46 km2 (33.00 sq mi)
25 m (82 ft)
(2015 census)[3]
 • Total73,184
 • Density860/km2 (2,200/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+8 (PST)
ZIP code
IDD:area code+63 (0)44
Climate typeTropical monsoon climate
Income class2nd municipal income class
Revenue (₱)137,131,188.39 (2016)
Native languagesTagalog

Jaen, officially the Municipality of Jaen, is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Nueva Ecija, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 73,184 people.[3]


During the Spanish Era, the municipality was only a component barrio of Gapan. When San Isidro became a town and was separated from Gapan, the town and San Antonio became one of its component barrios. When San Antonio itself became a town, the area was still its component barrio called San Agustin. By 1865, Jaen was known by its old name "Ibayong Ilog", and because there were many people in the river port in what is now Barangay Langla, the town became a centre for trade.

When the place improved and its population grew to no less than 5,000 people, it became a town through a petition filed by the inhabitants through the initiative of two early leaders, Kabesang Prudencio Esquivel and Kapitan Antonio Embuscado. On June 18, 1865, Jaen itself partitioned from San Antonio, and retained Saint Augustine of Hippo as its patron saint. The Spanish officials signed the papers granting the petition that "Ibayong Ilog" be a town in Factoria (now San Isidro) which was then the capital of Nueva Ecija. The declaration was brought to Governor-General Juan de Lara e Irigoyen in Manila, and afterwards was submitted to the Vice-General of the Philippines in the person of Rev Gregorio Martínez. Father Martínez marked the document as approved but later wrote in his own wish that the name "Ibayong Ilog" be changed to the name of his birthplace of Jaén, Spain.

In coordination with Rev Estanislao B. Moso, Kabesang Prudencio and Kapitan Antonio led the establishment of the first Catholic church (the present-day parish church). Jaen is in Central Luzon, in the southern part of Nueva Ecija. About 100 km from Manila via the old Cagayan Valley Road, the town has other road networks connecting it to Nueva Viscaya, Isabela, Pampanga, Olangapo and Bataan. In the olden days, Pampanga River was once the only and the fastest way of transportation in going to Manila and other places.

On August 24, 1896, its people revolted against the Spaniards and in September of the same year, armed with bolos and spears, ambushed and killed forty Spanish soldiers in Lumanas (now a Sitio of Barangay Sto. Tomas South). This successful attack made Lumanas a historical site called "Pinagtambangan", where a marker was erected in memory of the event.


The municipality is situated in the southern part of Nueva Ecija, some 100 kilometres (62 mi) north of Manila. Jaén is bounded by the municipalities of Sta. Rosa on the north-east; Zaragoza on the north-west; by San Isidro on the south; San Leonardo on the east and by San Antonio on the west.

The municipality has a land area of 11,800 hectares (29,000 acres) and is divided into 27 barangays, two of which are in the Población proper.


Jaén is politically subdivided into 27 barangays.

  • Antonino (Población) former Brgy. Marcos
  • Apo Esquivel (Población) former Brgy. Imelda
  • Calabasa
  • Dampulan Población (Pikada)
  • Imbunia
  • Hilera
  • Lambakin
  • Langla
  • Magsalisi
  • Malabon-Kaingin
  • Marawa
  • Niyugan
  • Ocampo-Rivera District (Población)
  • Pakul
  • Pamacpacan
  • Pinanggaan
  • Putlod
  • Ulanin-Pitak
  • San José
  • San Josef (Navao)
  • San Pablo
  • San Roque
  • San Vicente
  • Santa Rita
  • Santo Tomás North
  • Santo Tomás South
  • Sapang


  • Sanggalang (Brgy Lambakin)
  • Malaiba (Brgy. San Jose)
  • Iran (Brgy San Jose)
  • BLISS (Brgy. Niyugan)
  • Putol (Brgy. Niyugan)
  • Tumana (Brgy Niyugan)
  • Lumanas (Brgy. Sto Tomas South)
  • Daang Hapon (Brgy Sto Tomas South)
  • Kaingin (Brgy. Sto Tomas North)
  • Muyod (Brgy. STo Tomas North)
  • Macapulo (Brgy. San Pablo)
  • Poultry (Brgy.Magsalisi)
  • Pinagsugalan (Brgy. Pinanggaan)
  • Inalin (Brgy Pinanggaan)
  • Triangulo (Brgy Sapang)
  • Gubat na Munti (Brgy Putlod)
  • Luwasan (Brgy Putlod)
  • Looban (Brgy Putlod)
  • Mitla (Brgy Hilera)
  • Bungo (Brgy San Roque)
  • Dampe (Brgy Dampulan)
  • Bantog (Brgy Marawa)

Elected Officials (2010-2013)

Calabasa, Barangay Chairman: Felimon A. Aguilar

  1. Edgardo DG. Santos
  2. Lorenzo Q. Ilano
  3. Benedicta P. Pelayo
  4. Rolando V. Gabriel
  5. Mario D. Flores
  6. Pedro P. Fermin
  7. Edmond A. Agapito
  8. SK Chairman: Leonidez M. Esguerra Jr.

Dampulan (Poblacion), Barangay Chairman: Rolando P. Mangunay

  1. Crisanto E. Matias
  2. Jayrick C. Tagalag
  3. Sonny E. Ignacio
  4. Reynaldo G. De Belen
  5. Dionisio P. Catacutan
  6. Daisy A. Mariano
  7. Lopito E. Dela Cruz
  8. SK Chairman: Krisanda May G. Laureano

G.E. Antonino, Barangay Chairman: Dennis S. Pascual

  1. Elenita D. Zantua
  2. Mark Vic C. Pascual
  3. Nicomedes P. Dalusong
  4. Edwin R. Magtalas
  5. Mario E. Rivera
  6. Restituto R. Galang
  7. Jennifer C. Olarte
  8. SK Chairman: Ryan Joseph V. Parumog

Hilera, Barangay Chairman: German I. Francisco

  1. Chrisopher C. Alfaro
  2. Angelito P. Bauto
  3. Pepito C. Santos
  4. Nestor F. Reyes
  5. Faustino L. Isidro
  6. Benedicto G. Sebastian
  7. Delwin C. Lustre
  8. SK Chairman: Jomar F. Sebastian

Imbunia, Barangay Chairman: Jacinto M Capinpin

  1. Paulino V. De Leon
  2. David DC. Martin
  3. Nestor DC. Ramos
  4. Ricardo H. Antonio
  5. Gabriel R. Duldulao
  6. Magdalena E. Nagum
  7. Felipa C. Padolina
  8. SK Chairman: Germie J. Pradez

Apolinario Esquivel, Barangay Chairman: Jose A. Mendoza Jr.

  1. Bernardo L. Villaroza
  2. Arnel M Doncillo
  3. Danilo M. Noveda
  4. Edwin R. Vallarta
  5. Angel M. Hernandez
  6. Julian DR. Galang
  7. [[]]
  8. SK Chairman: John Anthony D. Payumo

Lambakin, Barangay Chairman: Dionisio G. Robles

  1. Andres DB Santor
  2. Rizal F. Sta. Ana
  3. Marcelo DG. Mauricio
  4. Efren V. Viesca
  5. Rafael I. Del Rosario
  6. Zoilo Q De Belen
  7. Julio R. Ocampo
  8. SK Chairman: Froilan A. Valdez

Langla, Barangay Chairman: Enrique P. San Gabriel

  1. Reynaldo V. Padolina
  2. Edna N. Flaminiano
  3. Wilfredo G. Agito
  4. Mamerto M. Del Rosario
  5. Paquito DG. Padolina
  6. Honorio P. Gervacio
  7. Abraham R. San Gabriel
  8. SK Chairman: Neil Aldrin D. Mauricio

Magsalisi, Barangay Chairman: Mercelita A. Miranda

  1. Crisostomo A. Lazaro
  2. Ernesto P. Mangulabnan
  3. Agueda V. Roque
  4. Leonardo C. Ramos
  5. Rolando R. Rosales
  6. Crispin C. Dalaywan
  7. Ariel L. Lualhati
  8. SK Chairman: Cesar C. Hizon Jr.

Malabon-Kaingin, Barangay Chairman: Roberto G. Manliclic

  1. Conchita P. Gamboa
  2. Victorino R. Roque
  3. Zoilo DJ. Dela Cruz
  4. Bartolome DC. Mendoza
  5. Eduardo B. Padernilla
  6. Marcelina F. Mendoza
  7. Gloria D. Abergas
  8. SK Chairman: Arlene B. Manalili

Marawa, Barangay Chairman: Magdalena P. Ison

  1. Efren I. Ison
  2. Edward I. Bauto
  3. Adriano C. Ignacio
  4. Myrna E. Gatuz
  5. Avelino R. Pineda
  6. Novy G. Bauto
  7. Domingo DL. Velasquez
  8. SK Chairman: Margie I. Reyes

Niyugan, Barangay Chairman: Pablito S. Pangilinan

  1. Mario P. Dela Cruz
  2. Elvira A. Catalan
  3. Cesar E. Bitangcol
  4. Ronaldo P. Balagtas
  5. Ronaldo Q. Diaz Sr.
  6. Alex S. Flores
  7. Jessie F. Mateo
  8. SK Chairman: Ryreens J. Javate

Ocampo -Rivera District (Poblacion), Barangay Chairman: Perfecto DC. Efecticio

  1. Florencio S. Bustamante
  2. Danilo H. Guevarra
  3. Lourdes A. Dionisio
  4. Robert M. Herrera
  5. Luciana S. Herrera
  6. Wenceslao G. Elvambuena
  7. Melencio DC. Efecticio
  8. SK Chairman: Ram Dominic M. Aguilar

Pakul, Barangay Chairman: Nemencio P. Gatuz

  1. Rufino P. Pascual
  2. Lauro B. Flores
  3. Pascual B. Castro
  4. Victor B. Feliciano
  5. Celso J. Feliciano
  6. Librado DB. Hipolito
  7. Leoncio M. Bartolome
  8. SK Chairman: Florence F. Bartolome

Pamacpacan, Barangay Chairman: Clifford S. Miranda

  1. Eufronio E. Sta. Maria
  2. Delfin A. De Belen
  3. Rommel DG. Miranda
  4. Carlito A. Baltazar
  5. Rogelio F. Sta. Maria
  6. Efren D. Cano
  7. Ernesto J. Del Rosario
  8. SK Chairman: Angelica C. Sta. Maria

Pinanggaan, Barangay Chairman: Julio P. Gonzales

  1. Eduardo F. Jorda
  2. Rolando G. Linsangan
  3. Felimon M. Torres
  4. Amado B. Ubaldo
  5. Flavio P. Casino
  6. Sofronio M. Cuevas
  7. Antonio P. Buenaventura
  8. SK Chairman: Antonio G. De Guzman

Putlod, Barangay Chairman: Antonina C. Pillarina

  1. Mario E. Bondoc
  2. Rodel J. Valenzuela
  3. Anselmo A. Pallanan
  4. Restitita A. Eduardo
  5. Elvira S. Censon
  6. Sherwin E. Ignacio
  7. Rizal C. Esquivel
  8. SK Chairman: Princess Dianne E. Galang

San Jose Barangay Chairman: Leopoldo I Santos

  1. Jerry L Laureano
  2. Rodolfo J. Esguerra
  3. Luisito P. Javate
  4. Florencio S. Manalaysay
  5. Albert E. Mangunay
  6. Judith J. Espiritu
  7. Gavino G. Javate
  8. SK Chairman: Czarmaine Joyce C. Ramos

San Josef (Navao), Barangay Chairman: Elvin Jay Javaluyas

  1. Edwin A. Jalova
  2. Roylan A. Ignacio
  3. Ericson DB. Espiritu
  4. Roberto F. Parumog
  5. Pedro R. Dionisio
  6. Erwin M. Mariano
  7. Rodolfo B. Diaz
  8. SK Chairman: Arnold Joseph DJ. Martin

San Pablo, Barangay Chairman: Emmanuel S. Leabres

  1. Eugenio G. Torres
  2. Felimon L. Geronimo
  3. Edgardo S. Lubao
  4. Gregorio G. Bate
  5. Aurea C. De Leon
  6. Arnel S. Cabado
  7. Benigno G. Mariano
  8. SK Chairman: Ariane Joyce C. Santos

San Roque, Barangay Chairman: Elmer DR. Galang

  1. Irineo R. Evangelista
  2. Eriberto G. Pangilinan
  3. Celso H. Castillo
  4. Angelito B. Francisco
  5. Rolando M. Juliano
  6. Ramon B. Mendoza
  7. Edna V. Reyes
  8. SK Chairman: Joanna Marie DC. Duran

San Vicente, Barangay Chairman: Felix DB. De Luna

  1. Ferdinand R. Gokesan
  2. Angelica P. Paynor
  3. Romulo S. Hipolito
  4. Floid E. Dela Peña
  5. Lazaro P. Dela Paz
  6. Jose T. Gatuz
  7. Melecio G. Hermosa
  8. SK Chairman: Bernadette V. Paynor

Santa Rita, Barangay Chairman: Arsenio C. Santos

  1. Raymundo B. Reyes
  2. Wilfredo DC. Ramos
  3. Enrico G. Tigulo
  4. Edgardo B. Cristobal
  5. Edgardo G. Valenton
  6. Jimmy A. Ramos
  7. Roberto B. Nepomuceno
  8. SK Chairman: Wilma DC. Ador Dionisio

Santo Tomas North, Barangay Chairman: Wilson B. Santos

  1. Babylyn Y. De Jesus
  2. Allan Joel A. Pineda
  3. Efren M. Yambot
  4. Ernesto SD Yambot
  5. Josephine J. Yambot
  6. Norberto DG. Del Rosario
  7. Carlos A. Cullado
  8. SK Chairman: Christian G. De Belen

Santo Tomas South, Barangay Chairman: Reynaldo C. Pallarca

  1. Samuel DG. Canosa
  2. Adriano DB. Antonino
  3. Reynaldo S. Granados
  4. Jose P. Galang
  5. Fermin A. Ramos
  6. Romeo M. Rizari
  7. Alejandro C. Balcos
  8. SK Chairman: John Kenneth DG. Pajarillo

Sapang, Barangay Chairman: Eduardo P. Yanga

  1. Pacencia B. Centeno
  2. Ramon M. Daquiz
  3. Clodualdo L. Esquivel
  4. Lea V. Quetua
  5. Emiliano VC. Masinag
  6. Benedicta V. Yanga
  7. Martinito F. Custodio
  8. SK Chairman: Khelvin Chris E. Balisi

Ulanin-Pitak, Barangay Chairman:Wally P. Hipolito

  1. Nelson B. Manalo
  2. Gil H. Reyes
  3. Sergio D. Castro
  4. Vicente M. Mactal
  5. Efren DL. Reyes
  6. Manuel M. De Guzman
  7. Felix V. Pacion
  8. SK Chairman: Rodrigo V. Peralta

Note: No information available in Comelec for the 2013-2016 election results.


Population census of Jaen
YearPop.±% p.a.
1903 4,465—    
1918 8,015+3.98%
1939 14,408+2.83%
1948 14,516+0.08%
1960 20,438+2.89%
1970 28,712+3.45%
1975 33,626+3.22%
1980 39,064+3.04%
1990 47,346+1.94%
1995 53,541+2.33%
2000 58,274+1.83%
2007 63,474+1.19%
2010 67,057+2.02%
2015 73,184+1.68%
Source: Philippine Statistics Authority[3][4][5][6]


Most of the north-western section of the municipality is devoted to rice farming, as rice production is the main livelihood of the populace. Twenty barangays of Jaén are fully irrigated, with about 80% of the land (approximately 9,500 hectares) being suited for rice production.

Mango plantations are found in the southern portion of the municipality. Based on the latest survey, 584 hectares are utilized for mango production, including backyard mango farms.Ten percent of the total agricultural area is for planting vegetables.

In the Población and nearby barangays, several establishments have sprouted. These include agricultural supply traders, dry goods stores, hardware stores, groceries, travel agency, fashion style, pawnshop, banks, supermarkets, gasoline stations, printing presses, and eateries. The public market is in the area.

Among the service businesses in the area are pawn shops, restaurants, auto and motorcycle parts and service, car wash, commercial center, lechon manok and liempo stand, pharmacies, computer repair shops, convenience store, bakery, petrol station, grocery, internet café, tailoring and dress shops and rural banks.

Distilled and purified water processors, mobile phone card dealers, cable and landline telephone businesses are also present in the municipality.

Professional services of doctors, accountants, dentists, lawyers, surveyors and engineers are also prevalent in the town. Most of the unemployed and out-of-school youths are given manual labor by private contractors and the local government unit, such as construction workers and street sweepers.

Mayors of Jaén[edit]

Kapitan dela Cruz was later on succeeded by an elected Municipal President, an office superseded by the title "Mayor of Jaén":

  • 1902 - 1907 Apolinario Esquivel
  • 1916 - 1922 Patricio Yambao, Sr.
  • 1922 - 1925 Prudencio Eduardo
  • 1925 - 1928 Delfín Esquivel
  • 1928 - 1931 Patricio Yambao, Sr.
  • 1931 - 1934 Ambrocio Javaluyas
  • 1934 - 1937 Patricio Yambao, Sr.
  • 1934–1945 José C. Carlos
  • 1945–1954 Bartolome García
  • 1954–1956 Bonifacio Hipólito
  • 1956–1967 Felix E. Velarde
  • 1968–1970 Patricio Yambao, Jr.
  • 1970–1979 Felix E. Velarde
  • 1979–1986 Franklin Eduardo
  • 1986–1988 Patricio Yambao, Jr.
  • 1988–1992 Franklin Eduardo
  • 1992–1998 Antonio Esquivel
  • 1998–2004 Cezar Eduardo
  • 2004– 2007 Antonio Esquivel
  • 2007– 2016 Santiago R. Austria
  • 2016 – present: Sylvia C. Austria


High schools:

  • San Agustin Diocesan Academy Inc. (formerly Luzon Central Institute, San Agustin Academy and San Agustin Parochial Academy Foundation Inc.)
  • Blessed Hope Christian School in Brgy. Antonino (former Brgy. Marcos)
  • Jaen National High School (near in Jaen West Elementary School former name Putlod San Jose National High School Annex) in Brgy. Dampulan
  • Lambakin National High School (former name Putlod San Jose National High School Annex) in Brgy Lambakin
  • Montesorri School of Jaen Inc. (Pallarca St. Campugo, Sto. Tomas South)
  • Putlod San Jose National High School (formerly called Putlod San Jose Barangay High School)
  • Marawa High School (former name Jaen National High School Annex) in Brgy. Marawa
  • San Pablo High School (former name Jaen National High School Annex in Brgy. San Pablo)

Special Schools:

  • Olarte's School of Science & Technology Inc. in Brgy. Antonino (former Brgy. Marcos)
  • MGP School of Science in Brgy. Putlod
  • Angel of Wisdom Interactive School (Nursery,Kinder and Prep) in Brgy. Dampulan

Places of interest[edit]

  • Lolita Ilao Memorial Library: The library was donated by Mr. Tommy Ilao for the people of Jaén and is located at Brgy. Dampulan, beside West Elementary School...already closed....
  • Pinaglabanan Marker (Lumanas, Sto Tomas South, Jaen, Nueva Ecija): The marker stands where the historical battle between the Spaniards and the people of Jaen took place on September 4, 1896. The group was led by Lt. Col. Delfin Esquivel and they used bolos, spears and several guns.It can be seen now along Sto Tomas South main road (Jaen - Santa Rosa Road) corner Sitio Lumanas (first corner to your right going to Sitio Lumanas if you going to Sto Tomas North)
  • Jaén Fruit and Sweets Stands: varieties of fruits in Barangay Sapang along National Highway
  • Lugawan stall line along Brgy Sapang
  • Lorenzo Farm (Place for Yard wedding or any celebration) in Brgy Dampulan
  • Homesite Commercial Business Center in Brgy Dampulan across Brgy Hall
  • Resorts:
    • Villa Aurora Resort (Brgy. San Josef)
    • Golden Shower Resort (Brgy. Niyugan)
    • Tata Guring Mini Resort (Brgy. Sto Tomas South)
    • DelFreds Resort ( Brgy.San Pablo)
    • Rocky's Resort ( Sitio. Riverside, Brgy. Magsalisi)
  • Community
    • Agustinian Alumni Association Jaen, N.E.



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