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BBC Click logo.png
Other names Digital Planet, Go Digital
Genre Technology
Running time 18 minutes
Country United Kingdom United Kingdom
Language(s) English
Home station BBC World Service
TV adaptations Click (TV programme)
Host(s) Gareth Mitchell
Bill Thompson
Producer(s) Cathy Edwards, Colin Grant
Recording studio Broadcasting House
Air dates since 2001 (as Go Digital)
Website Radio programme website
TV programme website
Podcast Podcast
For Click's sister TV show on BBC TV channels, see Click (TV programme).

Click (previously known as Digital Planet and Go Digital) is a BBC radio programme broadcast on the BBC World Service and sister radio show to BBC News' Click TV.

The show is currently presented by Gareth Mitchell and with expert comments from Bill Thompson. The show is a weekly look at technology stories and news around the world.

From 2001-2004, it was presented by Tracey Logan and during that time it was one of the BBC's few webcast programmes, with cameras in the studio to provide a live feed.

The show was re-branded as Click from Digital Planet on 29 March 2011 to connect it with sister TV programme, Click, which is broadcast on BBC News Channel and BBC World News, and the broadcast length changed from 28 minutes, with first airing on Tuesdays at 12:30 GMT, to a live 18 minute broadcast at 18:30 GMT.[1]

Show format and topics[edit]

Click covers a wide range of issues affecting technology. This can vary and cover many different areas, although often there are segments on technological solutions to problems facing charitable or humanitarian causes, with a speaker representing the cause being interviewed by Gareth Mitchell. One example is the segment on a screen saver which harnessed the power of idling home PCs to help perform complex mathematical calculations to help cure malaria.

Other topics covered have included, among others:

Usually views sent either by e-mail, Facebook, Twitter or over the BBC News website are read out and discussed briefly by Gareth Mitchell and Bill Thompson.

The hosts Bill and Gareth have a special pre- and post show session for Podcast listeners which cannot be heard by the radio audience. The fan club created a Prezzi, created a special picture for the show, and which was framed, delivered and discussed on line, and held a Google Hangout during the show where listeners discussed the show in real time, and engaged with the presenters - see Bill Thompson engaging with the Hangout on Air. Gareth and Bill were interviewed for the Project Kazimierz Podcast in 2015 here


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