Clignancourt porcelain

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French porcelain
Glignancourt hard paste porcelain cup Manufacture de Monsieur 1775.jpg

Clignancourt hard-paste porcelain cup,
Manufacture de Monsieur, 1775.

Clignancourt porcelain, also "Porcelaine de Monsieur", was a type of French hard-paste porcelain, established by Deruelle in January 1775 at Rue de Clignancourt, Paris. Soon after, the manufacturing patent was transferred to Monsieur, the King's brother, and future Louis XVIII. The porcelain was then called Porcelaine de Monsieur.[1]

Boiler, hard-paste porcelain, Manufacture de Monsieur, 1780.


Coordinates: 48°53′28″N 2°20′37″E / 48.89111°N 2.34361°E / 48.89111; 2.34361