Colombia at the 1932 Summer Olympics

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Colombia at the
1932 Summer Olympics
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IOC code COL
NOC Colombian Olympic Committee
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in Los Angeles
Competitors 1 in 1 sports
Flag bearer Jorge Perry
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 0 0 0
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

Colombia competed in the Summer Olympic Games for the first time at the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. Two people traveled to represent Colombia; musician Emirto de Lima, and marathon runner Jorge Perry.[1] Colombia did not have an Olympic committee but agreed to sponsor Perry to train in America for four months before the event,[2] unfortunately Perry failed to finish after feeling faint after the first 10 km.[3]


The first modern Summer Olympics took place in Athens in 1896,[4] and Cuba was the first Latin American country to participate in the event, in 1900. Colombia first participated in the Summer Olympics in 1932 with a single athlete, Jorge Perry,[5] when the Colombian Olympic Committee had not been established.[6] This was also the first Olympics for China,[7] whose delegation consisted of athlete Liu Changchun and four officials.[8] The 1932 Summer Olympics were organised during the Great Depression,[9] an economic crisis in the United States that began after the Wall Street Crash of 1929, which was affecting economies in other continents.[10]

These Olympics were held in Los Angeles, which was difficult to access,[9] and transporting athletes was problematic.[11] These led to the participation in the games to be the lowest since 1904, with 1,332 athletes from 37 nations taking part,[9] as opposed to 2,883 athletes from 46 nations in Amsterdam in 1928.[12] A severe economic crisis was taking place in Colombia,[13] with the coffee, oil, and banana trade collapsing, which were vital for the Colombian economy.[14] The central bank's reserves were depleted and the nation was struggling to pay debt, and peso was devalued repetitively.[13] As there was no Olympic Committee in Colombia,[5] Perry needed to apply directly to the International Olympic Committee.[15]


Athlete Event Final
Result Rank
Jorge Perry Marathon DNF

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