Communist Renewal

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Κομμουνιστική Ανανέωση
Communist Renewal
Founded 2000
Split from Renewing Communist Ecological Left
Newspaper Stigma magazine
Ideology Communism
Political position Left-wing
Colours Red, White

Communist Renewal (Greek Κομμουνιστική Ανανέωση/Kommounistiki Ananeosi (KA)) is a communist organization in Greece. The group was formed in February 2000 following a split in late 1999 from the Renewing Communist Ecological Left (AKOA). The founders of Communist Renewal were dissatisfied with the upcoming cooperation between AKOA and Synaspismos.[1] Communist Renewal then aligned with the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in the 2000 elections. The alliance with KKE was then discontinued, but rekindled for the Greek local elections, 2006.

The organization publishes the magazine Stigma.


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