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Online versus desktop[edit]

Web-based spreadsheets do not in general depend on a particular operating system or similar constraints and are therefore generally more portable by their nature than desktop applications.

Collaborative spreadsheets[edit]

Generally, online spreadsheets offer spreadsheet sharing and public sharing as part of their features which enables collaboration between multiple users.

Remote data update[edit]

Some on-line spreadsheets provide remote data update allowing data values to be extracted from other users' spreadsheets even though they may be inactive at the time.

Gnumeric (listed below as a desktop spreadsheet) is also used as the "back-end" processor in at least one on-line spreadsheet application (Editgrid).

Online spreadsheets[edit]

The following tables only provide a comparison of desktop spreadsheet applications.

For a list and links to comparisons of online (web-based) spreadsheets, see List of online spreadsheets.

There is currently no list for online mainframe software such as the Works Records System.

Google spreadsheets[edit]

See also: Google Docs

Google spreadsheets can be accessed from the documents window Google docs. To create a spreadsheet, the user must create an account.

Once with an account, the user can create a spreadsheet from scratch, or import data from an external spreadsheet or other sources. An example spreadsheet can be found here.

The spreadsheet has the capability of being read and worked on directly by using a web link. If the originating author elects that option, multiple authors can work on the same spreadsheet.

The capabilities of the spreadsheet have been perceived to be quite limited in comparison to, for example, Microsoft Excel. Google spreadsheet does not allow the use of named variables, and until recently had nothing comparable to Excel's programming feature (Visual Basic for Applications), but now Google Spreadsheets supports Javascript-based formulas that are quite powerful and expressive.

Desktop spreadsheets[edit]


Screenshot Creator Development started First public release Latest stable version Cost (USD) License
Calligra Sheets Calligra Sheets 2.4 screenshot.png KOffice KSpread Team 2.9.6 (10 July 2015; 25 days ago (2015-07-10)[1]) [±] Free LGPL
CellPro Crystal Office Systems 2008 2008 1.33 Free Proprietary
Gnumeric Gnumeric GNOME community 1998 1998 1.12.23 (July 29, 2015; 6 days ago (2015-07-29)[2]) [±] Free GPL
IBM Lotus Symphony IBM 2008 1.3 / 2009 Free Proprietary
LibreOffice Calc LibreOffice 4.4.2 Calc The Document Foundation 2010 3.3 / 2011-01-25
  • "Fresh" version:
    4.4.5 (July 30, 2015; 5 days ago (2015-07-30)[3]) [±]
  • "Still" version:
    4.3.7 (April 25, 2015; 3 months ago (2015-04-25)[3]) [±]
Mariner Calc Mariner Calc Mariner Software 1988 1989 5.6.0 $49.95 Proprietary
Mesa P&L Software 1990 1991 3.1 / 2006-08 $34 Proprietary
Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel Microsoft 1982 1985 15(64-bit) / January 2013 $239 (Standalone price; also can be purchased in various Microsoft Office bundles with varying prices) Proprietary
Numbers Numbers Apple, Inc. August 7, 2007 3.5 / October 16, 2014 $19.99 Proprietary
OpenOffice Calc OpenOffice Calc Oracle Corporation 2000 Build 638c / October 2001 4.1.1[4] (October 20, 2014; 9 months ago (2014-10-20)) [±] Free Apache License v2
PlanMaker SoftMaker Software GmbH 1994[5][6] 2012 Free - 1 Month Test Version SoftMaker Office 2012,
or € 69.95 - SoftMaker Office 2012
Pyspread Martin Manns 2008 2008 0.4 / 2014-12-15 Free GPL
Quantrix Quantrix  ? Early 1990s 5.1.2 / 2Q 2014 Free 30 day full trial. Professional $1,549, Professional Plus $2,995 Proprietary
Quattro Pro Corel 1988 1988 X7 not separately from Corel WordPerfect Office Proprietary
Resolver One Resolver One Resolver Systems 2005 2008-01-16 1.9 / 2010-06-04 Free as part of an open source project or to create open source spreadsheet systems or $99 open source / Proprietary
Siag Siag Office Ulric Eriksson 1996 3.6.1 / 2006 Free GPL
Spready 31 January 2015 Free LGPL
SSuite Accel Van Loo Software 2002 2005 8.1 Free Freeware
Tables Daniel Schwill 2004 First Public Beta / 2005-12 1.5.3 / 2009-05-01 $42 Proprietary
Screenshot Creator Development started First public release Latest stable version Cost (USD) License

Operating system support[edit]

The operating systems the software can run on natively (without emulation).

Windows Mac OS X Linux BSD Unix
CellPro Yes No No No No
Gnumeric No Yes Yes Yes Yes
IBM Lotus Symphony Yes Yes Yes No No
KSpread beta beta Yes Yes Yes
LibreOffice Calc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mariner Calc No Yes No No No
Mesa No Yes No No No
Microsoft Excel Yes Yes No No No
Numbers No Yes No No No
OpenOffice Calc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
PlanMaker Yes No Yes No No
Pyspread Yes Unsupported Yes Yes Yes
Quantrix Yes Yes No No No
Quattro Pro Yes No No No No
Resolver One Yes No No No No
Siag No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spready Yes Yes Yes
SSuite Accel Yes No No No No
Tables No Yes No No No
Windows Mac OS X Linux BSD Unix

Import/export capabilities[edit]

This table gives a comparison of what file formats each spreadsheet can import and export. "Yes" means can both import and export.

CSV Excel
CellPro Yes Yes No No No Import Export No
Gnumeric Yes Yes Yes Export Yes Yes Export Import Import
IBM Lotus Symphony Yes Yes Export No Yes Import Export Yes
KSpread Yes Import Export Export Yes No Export Yes
LibreOffice Calc Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Export Yes Yes
Mariner Calc Yes Yes No No No No Export No
Mesa Yes Yes No No No No Export No
Microsoft Excel Yes Yes Partial No Yes Yes Export Import No
Numbers Yes Yes No No Import Import Export No
OpenOffice Calc Yes Yes Yes Export[7] Yes Import Export Yes Yes
Quantrix Yes Yes Yes No Yes Datalink Export Datalink
Quattro Pro Yes Yes Yes No No Import Export No
PlanMaker Yes Yes Export No No Import Export No
Pyspread Yes Yes No No No No Export No
Resolver One Yes Yes No No No No No No
Siag Yes Import partial Yes Export No No Export Import partial
Spready Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tables Yes Yes Export Export Yes No Export Import partial

Spreadsheet comparison tools[edit]

Looking for changes in spreadsheets or checking to see if two copies of a spreadsheet have identical content can be a mind-numbing exercise, especially for the larger and more complex spreadsheets. For Microsoft Excel, at least, the data file is amended each time the file is opened, even if there are no actual changes in the spreadsheet itself. For this reason; using file comparison will always show differences if the two files have different viewing (file opened) histories, even if the contents are identical. The following tools are helpful to find if there are any actual differences between different spreadsheet files.

Creator Development started First public release Latest stable version Cost (USD) License
DiffEngineX DiffEngineX LLC 1997 1997 2.28 / 2012-09-05 $44 to $100 (30-day trial) Proprietary
Spreadsheet Compare 2004  ? 1.16 / 2010-11-10 Free GPL
Compare Excel files Spreadsheet Advantage  ?  ?  ? / ? $299 (30-day trial) Proprietary
Synkronizer Synkronizer 2000-07  ? 9.5 / 2008-02 €29 to €149 Proprietary
Spreadsheet Professional Miricle Solutions  ?  ?  ? / ?  ? (30-day trial) Proprietary
Excel Diff - Excel Compare Tool - SUNTRAP SYSTEMS 2005 2005 4.2.0 / 2013-04-03 $78 to $98 (30-day trial) Proprietary
  • Spreadsheet comparison functionality is part of LibreOffice Calc and Apache OpenOffice Calc using the Edit > Compare Document built-in feature.

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