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Comprehensive sex education is a sex education instruction method where students gain knowledge, attitudes, skills and values to make appropriate and healthy choices in their sexual behavior, thus preventing them from sexually transmitted infections, including HIV and HPV, teenage or unwanted pregnancies, and from domestic and sexual violence, contributing to a greater society.[1] It covers sexual abstinence topics but in comprehensive way also involves topics like human sexual activity, age of consent, safe sex, birth control and use of condoms.

Comprehensive sex education gives information to youth about sexuality instead of avoiding it, this allow students to know about this topics and be prepared be ready to take a decision or even protection whenever they decide to start or not their sexual relationships.

The benefit of use comprehensive sex education over abstinence-only sex education is that this method cover the population that is or will be sexually active, and allow them to take better decisions, methods or protection to avoid STI or pregnancy.[2][3][4]

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