Comtel Air

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Comtel Air
Comtel Air logo.png
IATA ICAO Callsign
- COE Comtel Air
Ceased operations 2011
Hubs Vienna International Airport
Fleet size 2
Destinations 4
Company slogan Vienna Executive Aviation
Parent company Comtel Air Luftverkehrs GmbH
Headquarters Vienna, Austria
Website Comtel Air

Comtel Air was an Austrian company executive aviation and commercial airline service based at Vienna.


As of November 2011, Comtel Air serves six cities in five countries:[1]

 United Kingdom


Comtel Air operates the following:[2]

Financial concerns[edit]

Financial concerns were raised when Comtel Air flight, from Amritsar in India, to Birmingham in the UK, was delayed in Vienna, Austria for refueling the aircraft, and passengers were required to pay the approximately GB£20,000 bill.[3][4][5]


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