Confront James

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Confront James
Origin Southern California
Genres Rock
Years active 1990s
Labels SST Records
Members Greg Ginn, Richard Ray, Andy Batwinas

Confront James is a Los Angeles musical group. Its leader is Greg Ginn, who plays guitar and bass on all records. It also includes Richard Ray on vocals, and Andy Batwinas on Percussion. All Confront James records were released by SST Records Confront James' music is hard to describe - it mixes elements of acid jazz, hardcore, and drum loops. 'Acid rock' maybe the best description, but it's not saying much.


  • Test One Reality (1995)
  • Just Do It EP (1995)
  • Ill Gotten Hatred (1996)
  • Chemical Exposure EP (1996)
  • Black Bomb Mountain (1997)
  • We Are Humoured (2003, unreleased)

Song Titles[edit]

Test One Reality

  1. Test One Reality
  2. Just Do It
  3. Blast Off Lisa
  4. Brick Ice Cube
  5. Pigeon Jim
  6. In Another Something
  7. Ecstatic
  8. We Chase the Ball
  9. Not for Nothing
  10. Jason is Our Friend

Just Do It

  1. Monkey's Tied Up
  2. Pigeon Jim
  3. Jason is Our Friend
  4. Crazy Baby
  5. Ecstatic
  6. Just Do It
  7. Just Do It (Radio Mix)

Ill Gotten Hatred

  1. Book Packing
  2. Skilled Technician
  3. Time Tail Time
  4. Black Top Purple Convertible
  5. She Hides The Right Hand
  6. By The Latenight Train
  7. Ill Gotten Hatred
  8. Unpredictable Bob Violence
  9. Scar Tissue
  10. And Your Are Crazy Too
  11. Basic Scratch Head
  12. Magic Man
  13. The Giant And Lucille
  14. Careful Andrew

Chemical Exposure

  1. Ill Gotten Hatred (Remix)
  2. Book Packing (Remix)
  3. Skilled Technician (Remix)
  4. Magic Man (Remix)

Black Bomb Mountain

  1. Fundamental
  2. Tell Me something Interesting About Topic
  3. Reckless Superior
  4. Black Bomb Mountain
  5. Ball Bounce, Stand Still
  6. Located It
  7. Backache Impression
  8. Airplane Locomotion
  9. Still Wind
  10. Black Bat
  11. Wake Up Knots
  12. Salt Block
  13. Expenses Extension
  14. No One Blames Me Intention
  15. Route Bound
  16. Wrench and Electric Toy Gun

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