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"PQ2" redirects here. For the game, see PQ2: Practical Intelligence Quotient 2.

Convoy PQ-2 was the third of the Arctic Convoys of World War II by which the Western Allies supplied material aid to the Soviet Union in its fight with Nazi Germany. The convoy sailed from Liverpool on 13 October 1941 and arrived safely at Archangelsk on 30 October 1941.


The following information is from the Arnold Hague Convoy Database for the British ships.[1]


Name Flag Tonnage (GRT) Notes
Empire Baffin (1941)  United Kingdom 6,978
Harpalion (1932)  United Kingdom 5,486
Hartlebury (1934)  United Kingdom 5,082
Kheti (1927)  United Kingdom 2,734 Ammunition carrier. Did not proceed beyond Scapa Flow in PQ 2.
Orient City (1940)  United Kingdom 5,095
Queen City (1924)  United Kingdom 4,814
Temple Arch (1940)  United Kingdom 5,138


Name Type Flag Duration of escort
HMS Bramble (J11) Minesweeper  Royal Navy 17-30 October
HMS Eclipse (H08) Destroyer  Royal Navy 17-30 October
HMS Gossamer Minesweeper  Royal Navy 29-30 October
HMS Hussar (J82) Minesweeper  Royal Navy 29-30 October
HMS Icarus (D03) Destroyer  Royal Navy 17-30 October
HMS Leda (J93) Minesweeper  Royal Navy 29-30 October
HMS Norfolk (78) Cruiser  Royal Navy 18-30 October
HMS Seagull (J85) Minesweeper  Royal Navy 14-30 October
HMS Speedy (J17) Minesweeper  Royal Navy 14-30 October
Uritski Destroyer  Soviet Union 29-30 October
Valerian Kuybyshev Destroyer  Soviet Union 29-30 October


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Coordinates: 64°33′00″N 40°28′48″E / 64.5500°N 40.4800°E / 64.5500; 40.4800