Corinna Tsopei

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Corinna Tsopei
Beauty pageant titleholder
Born Kyriaki Tsopei
(1944-06-21) 21 June 1944 (age 72)
Title(s) Miss Star Hellas 1964, Miss Universe 1964
Miss Star Hellas 1964 (Winner), Miss Universe 1964 (Winner)

Kyriaki "Corinna" Tsopei (Greek: Κυριακή Κορίννα Τσοπέη; born 21 June 1944) is a Greek actress, model and beauty queen who won Miss Universe 1964.


On 20 June 1964 Corinna was crowned Miss Star Hellas, (Greek: Μις Σταρ Ελλάς) by Miss Star Hellas 1963, Despina Orgeta, and moved on to represent Greece at the 1964 Miss Universe pageant in Miami, Florida. She beat out Miss England, Miss Israel, Miss Sweden and Miss Republic of China to be crowned Miss Universe,[1] bringing the title to Greece for the first time. She has since returned several times to judge the pageant. After the event she went on to pursue a movie career, appearing in a few Hollywood movies and television series such as A Man Called Horse, Daniel Boone, Lost in Space, Valley of the Dolls and A Guide for the Married Man. Apart from her beauty pageant work and acting career, Corinna also is a chairman for an organisation for children with leukemia. Tsopei was married to Hollywood theatrical and film agent Freddie Fields, brother of band leader Shep Fields, from 1981 until his death from lung cancer in December 2007.


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