Counterslip Baptist Church

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Counterslip Baptist Church
Counterslip Baptist Church is located in Bristol
Counterslip Baptist Church
Shown within Bristol
Basic information
Location Bristol, England
Geographic coordinates 51°24′58″N 2°33′34″W / 51.416101°N 2.559539°W / 51.416101; -2.559539Coordinates: 51°24′58″N 2°33′34″W / 51.416101°N 2.559539°W / 51.416101; -2.559539
Affiliation Baptist Church
Country United Kingdom

Counterslip Baptist Church is a popular Family Church located in South Bristol, England. It has been located on its current site on the Wells Road since the 1950s having previously been located on Counterslip near Bristol Bridge.

Counterslip Baptist Church was founded in 1804 when 49 members of the declining Pithay Church left and decided to set up a church of their own at Tailor's Court. The first service was held on 12 November of that year. By 1810 numbers at the church had risen to around 70. It was then that the church moved to Counterslip and acquired the name that it is still known by today.

By 1822 membership at the church had risen to well over 200. By the mid-1870s membership had risen to around 500 causing the church to move again this time to Victoria Street where they built a chapel which was home until the 1940s when it was bombed during World War II . The Church used several temporary venues during this time before they moved to the Hengrove Hall in Whitchurch (Now known as the Kingdom Hall and used by the Jehovah's Witnesses). In 1948 the church moved to the current Wells Road site where 2 temporary buildings had been erected, a main church building and a hall. It wasn't until 1957 that work began on the premises that the church still call home today. The 28 June saw the opening of the present Church building.


Counterslip Baptist Church FC currently top Premier Division of the Bristol Churches Football League.

The ministers of Counterslip Baptist Church[edit]

  • 1804-1810 Rev. H. Perkins
  • 1811-1822 Rev. John Holloway
  • 1823-1860 Rev. Thomas Winter
  • 1862-1872 Rev. R. P. Macmaster
  • 1874-1883 Rev. R. W. Skerry
  • 1883-1900 Rev. Henry Knee
  • 1901-1907 Rev. F. Thompson Smyth
  • 1908-1917 Rev. J. Howell Rees
  • 1918-1925 Rev. E. W. Probert
  • 1925-1938 Rev. A. Glen Smith
  • 1939-1943 Rev. W. Hogan
  • 1944-1946 Rev. John R. P. S. Wills
  • 1947-1952 Rev. S. Marlow
  • 1953-1963 Rev. T. Roy Jones
  • 1965-1971 Rev. W. F. Bacon
  • 1974-1977 Rev. T. C. Bailey
  • 1978-1989 Rev. David B. Hewitt
  • 1991-1999 Rev. Nigel Coles
  • 1999-2004 Rev. Dr Simon Woodman
  • 2002-Pres Rev. Ian Sinclair
  • 2003-Pres Rev. Mark Godbeer
  • 2009-pres Rev. Kath Wilson (Youth Minister)

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