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Visco Corporation
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Visco Corporation (株式会社ビスコ) is a software company located in Japan. It was founded in 1982 by Tetsuo Akiyama (秋山 哲雄, Akiyama Tetsuo) and later became corporate on August 8, 1983 while revealing itself as "Visco" in Japan. They originally developed video games for several platforms from the arcades and NES, to the Nintendo 64 and Neo Geo in the past. When Visco was one of the companies under the Taito umbrella, some of its titles back then were labeled "Taito". They also teamed up with Seta and Sammy in developing arcade games powered by the SSV (Sammy, Seta and Visco) arcade system board until Sammy fully acquired noted game company Sega under a new company titled Sega Sammy Holdings in 2004, while Seta's parent company Aruze announced in December 2008 that Seta decided to close their doors after 23 years of existence. Therefore, the SSV board was no longer being produced. From 2008, Visco began manufacturing slot machines for casinos mostly in southeast Asian regions.

Games released[edit]

# Title Platform(s) Release year Note(s)
1 Andro Dunos Neo Geo (MVS & AES) 1992
2 Ashura Blaster Arcade 1990 Game developed by Visco for Taito.
3 Asuka & Asuka Arcade 1988 Game developed by Visco for Taito.
4 Bang Bead Neo Geo MVS 2000
5 Bang² Busters Neo Geo (MVS & AES), Neo Geo CD 2000 (prototype) 1) Also known as Bang Bang Busters.
2) The game was completely developed, for the Neo Geo's systems (MVS & AES) and Neo Geo CD, by Neo Conception International in 2010.
6 Bass Rush: ECOGEAR PowerWorm Championship Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast 2000
7 Battle Flip Shot Neo Geo MVS 1997
8 Blocken Arcade 1994 Game developed by KID.
9 Breakers Neo Geo (MVS & AES), Neo Geo CD 1996
10 Breakers Revenge Neo Geo MVS 1998 An updated version of Breakers.
11 Captain Tomaday Neo Geo MVS 1999
12 Chiki Chiki Boys Sega Mega Drive 1992 A Sega Mega Drive port of Mega Twins, made by Capcom for Arcade in 1990.
13 Cowboy Kid NES 1991 1) Game developed by Pixel.
2) Is known in Japan as Western Kids.
14 Crystal Legacy Neo Geo MVS 1994 (prototype) 1) Also known as Tenrin no Syo Chicago.
2) Game and title of origin of Breakers.
15 Drift Out Arcade 1991
16 Drift Out '94: The Hard Order Arcade 1994
17 Galmedes Arcade 1992
18 Ganryu Neo Geo MVS 1999 Also known as Musashi Ganryuki.
19 Goal! Goal! Goal! Neo Geo (MVS & AES) 1995
20 Great Boxing: Rush Up NES 1990 Game published in North America by Romstar as World Champ.
21 Maze of Flott Arcade 1989 Game developed by Taito.
22 Neo Drift Out: New Technology Neo Geo (MVS & AES), Neo Geo CD 1996
23 Neo Mr. Do! Neo Geo (MVS & AES) 1996 Game released on license from Universal.
24 Panic Road Arcade 1986 Game co-developed with Seibu Kaihatsu.
25 Puzzle De Pon! Neo Geo MVS 1995 Game released on license from Taito.
26 Puzzle De Pon! R Neo Geo MVS 1997 Game released on license from Taito.
27 Puzzlekko Club Neo Geo MVS 1994 (prototype)
28 Rally Bike NES 1990 1) Game developed by Toaplan.
2) Is known in Japan as Dash Yarou.
29 Storm Blade Arcade 1996
30 Super Drift Out Super Famicom 1995
31 Thunder & Lightning Arcade, NES 1990 1) Game co-developed with SETA.
2) Is known in Japan as Family Block.
32 Thunder & Lightning 2 Arcade 1992 The only sequel of Thunder & Lightning, known in Japan as Block Carnival.
33 Vasara Arcade 2000 [1]
34 Vasara 2 Arcade 2001
35 Vivid Dolls Aleck 64 Arcade System 1998 [2] Eroge developed by Visco. Published by SETA. Similar to Qix.
36 Wardner Sega Mega Drive 1990 The Sega Mega Drive port of the game is known as Wardner no Mori Special in Japan.


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