Crayon Shin-chan: Pursuit of the Balls of Darkness

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Crayon Shin-chan: Pursuit of the Balls of Darkness
Directed byKeiichi Hara
Release date
  • April 19, 1997 (1997-04-19)
Box office$10,009,121

Crayon Shin-chan: Pursuit of the Balls of Darkness (クレヨンしんちゃん 暗黒タマタマ大追跡, Kureyon Shinchan: Ankoku Tamatama Daitsuiseki), also known as Dark Tamatam Thrilling Chase![1], is a 1997 Japanese animated film and the fifth installment of the Crayon Shin-chan series. It was released in India on June 17, 2012 as Shin Chan in Dark Tama Tama Thrilling Chase and aired on Hungama TV. It was released as Crayon Shinchan The Movie: The Dark Ball Chase with English subtitles on VCD by PMP Entertainment.[2]


One day Shin-chan on his way back found a ball near a river and brought it home. Himawari saw that ball and swallowed it as she loves shining things. Later it was known that it was a mysterious ball that belonged to Devil Jack and two gangs for which they were fighting with each other for getting the ball. It was considered that they could win the world with that ball by releasing the Devil Jack. Himawari was kidnapped by the king Jed, but later she was released. Devil Jack was accidentally released by Shin-chan.

But to their shock Jack wasn't evil anymore and didn't have his powers (though he said he ties them in his hair) because he died and showed his expire date and said that the one who is alive is the best! Misae and Hiroshi thought it was just a waste of time because the world wasn't going to be destroyed. Furious, King Jed tried to flee by capturing Himawari. He said that he would throw her from the building if they tried to stop him. The clumsy female police officer Yone Higashimatsuyama tried to stop Jed by her poor marksmanship. But then, Shin-chan leaped on her and her shot hit the right spot. Jed threw Himawari and Shin-chan caught her and the rest of the good gang helped them. And they saved Himawari.

The police came and arrested the evil gang. Yone said that they were late and she already captured them in joy. In the end the Nohara Family returned home. Then Midori Yoshinaga came and asked why Shin-chan did not come to school for two days. Misae quickly gave Shin-chan's school clothes and said, "Sorry, can he change inside?". Hiroshi was late for his office so he asked if they could give him a ride. When the bus strode away Shiro came home and Misae told them that he would be hungry (as they left him at the train station by fault). In the bus Ume Matsuzaka was late to and Nene said that adults can do anything they want. Kazama and the rest of the friends asked Shin-chan where did he go and he simply replied that he was busy saving the world.


  • Shinnosuke
  • Misae
  • Hiroshi
  • Himawari
  • Shiro

Movie exclusive characters[edit]

  • Hecson: One of the descendants of the Clan of the Cataplines who had emigrated to Europe. He can read the minds of their opponents by a training in Tibet. He has blonde and blue eyes.
  • Majo: It is directed by the troops of Clan Cataplines. She is an expert in the art of rhythmic gymnastics combative.
  • Rosa is one of the three sisters of transvestites Tamayura Clan. Pink goes with his head shaved. Obese. His real name is Takeshi.
  • Lavender: One of the three sisters of transvestites Tamayura Clan. Will lime green with a shaved head. It is thin and has painted eyes. His real name is Tsuyoshi.
  • Lima is one of the three sisters of transvestites Tamayura Clan. It goes from yellow and with a shaved head. Is thin. His real name is Kiyoshi.
  • Satake: He is the son of the chief of Clan Cataplines. He's champion in martial arts. He loves children. In the end, is passed to the good with Tamayura clans. Its major peculiarity is its enormous musculature.
  • Yone Higashimatsuyama is a policeman from Chiba. She only hits a shot in the film and is very useless. The origin of the surname is in Higashimatsuyama, Saitama Prefecture, her guns are Beretta M92 FS and M84
  • Nakamura: Chief of Clan Cataplines. Wears a kimono, owner of hostess club, has Kyoto accent.
  • The Evil: Transvestite turned that they removed the eggs for over a thousand years. She wears a sticker on the back it says it is Diablo product expired on 12/31/1996 and call Mali.
  • Yoshito Usui: cameo appearance, he is enka love karaoke. In Tokyo, he wears tie and coat, hit by Hiroshi.



  • Character Designer - Katsunori Hara
  • Animation Director - Katsunori Hara, Noriyuki Tsutsumi
  • Art Director - Kanako Nomura, T. KOGA
  • Set Designer - Masaaki Yuasa
  • Cinematographer - Toshiyuki Umeda
  • Clay animation - Takuya Ishida
  • Musician - T. Arakawa, Shinji Miyazaki
  • Recording Director - Akira Okuma
  • Editor - Hajime Okayasu
  • Producer - Hitoshi Mogi, Kenji Ota, Takashi Horiuchi
  • Written and directed by storyboards - Keiichi Hara
  • Director - Tsutomu Mizushima
  • Color Designer - Sachiko Nonaka
  • Colorization - Next Susumu Morita
  • Special Effects - Doi, Michiaki
  • Check Video - Kenji Ohara
  • Video - Yangurujimu same, Kyoto Animation, dream theater string
  • Finishing - Lightfoot, Island Studios, Kyoto Animation, the studio trace M, IG production
  • Finish Inspection - Sanae Matsutani, Tomoko Inamura
  • Background - Uni studio, Atelier Rourke
  • Production CG - Muneharu Yamaura, Jun Kondo
  • CG designer - Water Water S., Kazumi, Akira live
  • Effects - Akihiko Matsuda ( Fizz Sound Creation )
  • Recording Studio - Studio APU
  • Quiet - Nobuhiro Shibata
  • Assistant Quiet - Nobutaka Taguchi
  • Sound Production - Audio utility planning
  • Sound Production Desk - Tomoko Nakamura


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