Cupid Stupid

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Cupid Stupid
Cupid Stupid Intertitle
Genre Modern Romance
Starring Steven Ma
Tavia Yeung
Michael Tse
Mandy Cho
Kingdom Yuen
Ram Chiang
Shermon Tang
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Tsui Yue On
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB
Original release 25 January – 25 February 2010
Cupid Stupid
Traditional Chinese 戀愛星求人
Literal meaning Cupid Stupid
Cupid Stupid
Traditional Chinese 占星情緣
Literal meaning The Stars of Love

Cupid Stupid, formerly known as The Stars of Love, is a TVB modern romance series which premiered on Malaysia's Astro On Demand Channel from 25 January 2010 until 25 February 2010.


Chi Yat-Po (Steven Ma), a fishmonger constantly helps his friend Kan Ngo-Lam (Tavia Yeung) who is always getting into trouble with her "bad" boyfriends. The two friends meet Koon Sing-Ho (Michael Tse), a famous toymaker, who has the talent to make anything he desires into a game. They are also introduced to Fong Cheuk-Kei (Mandy Cho), Sing-Ho's girlfriend, who tries her best to put up with his mischievous ways.

Chi Yat-Po is in love with Ngo-Lam, but never has the courage to tell her. When he finally decides to reveal his true feelings, he is stopped by the meddling Wong Man-Keun (Shermon Tang), Ngo-Lam's best friend who has a crush on Chi-Yat Po.

Sing-Ho and Ngo-Lam both share strong believe in horoscopes and fortunes, however in the later chapters they find out they have more in common than just horoscopes. The two find themselves developing feelings for each other and soon become a couple. However, Ngo-Lam soon finds out that Chi Yat-Po has liked her for a long time and she finds herself torn between Sing-Ho and Yat-Po. To complicate matters more, Cheuk-Kei begins dating Sing-Ho's arch-rival, Frankie (Ruco Chan).

Meanwhile, Chi-Yat Po's aunt, Chi Kam Kiu (Kingdom Yuen) finds herself constantly arguing with her ex-husband (Lee Kwok Lun), whom she shares an apartment with. She utterly despises him and regrets marrying him. She is angered by the reappearance of a man named Greeny (Ram Chiang), a horoscope expert who told her to marry her husband. When Greeny finds out about the divorce and the tears she has been through, he tries his best to make up with Kam-Kiu, and at the same time he tries to hide the fact that he has feelings for her...

The characters face many trials of love before they each find who is the one truly most important to them in their hearts.


Chi Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Lau Dan Chi Kam Kwai
A fish hawker
Chi Kam Kiu's elder brother
Chi Yat Po's father
Discorded with Kan Wing Chung
Kingdom Yuen Chi Kam Kiu, Josephine
A vegetable hawker
Chi Kam Kwai's younger sister
Chi Yat Po's aunt
Leung Ping's ex-husband
Yip Sheung Mao's girlfriend, later wife
Discorded with Kan Wing Chung
Steven Ma Chi Yat Po
A fish hawker
Chi Kam Kwai's son
Chi Kam Kiu's nephew
Kan Ngo Lam and Koon Sing Ho's friend
Yip Sheung Mao's friend, later uncle
Loved Kan Ngo Lam
Wong Mei Kuen's love interest

Kan Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Albert Lo Kan Wing Chung
A toy shop owner
Kan Ngo Lam's father
Discorded with Chi Kam Kwai and Chi Kam Kiu
Tavia Yeung Kan Ngo Lam, Twinkle
Toy designer and divine in astrology
Former game centre staff
Koon Sing Ho's girlfriend and subordinate
Chi Yat Po's friend and love interest

Wong Family[edit]

Cast Role Description
Peter Lai Wong Shui
A fruit hawker
Lam So Ngo's husband
Wong Mei Kuen's father
Leung Ping's uncle
Helen Ma Lam So Ngo
A fruit hawker
Wong Shui's wife
Wong Mei Kuen's mother
Leung Ping's aunt
Shermon Tang Wong Mei Kuen
A model
Wong Shui and Lam So Ngo's daughter
Leung Ping's cousin
Kan Ngo Lam and Chi Yat Po's friend
Loved Chi Yat Po

Children's Dream Toy Company[edit]

Cast Role Description
Yu Yang Chiu Wang Kei
Changed to be consultant in Episode 16
Susan Tse Che Lee Goh Fu
Chung Kin Pong's aunt
Invested in the company in Episode 16
So Yan-tsz Mrs. Chiu
Chiu Wang Kei's wife
Michael Tse Koon Sing Ho, Jeff
A toy designer
Fong Cheuk Kei's ex-boyfriend
Kan Ngo Lam's boyfriend
Chi Yat Po's friend and love rival
Chung Kin Pong's enemy, but finally friend
Mandy Cho Fong Cheuk Kei, Anna
An accountant
Koon Sing Ho's ex-girlfriend
Kan Ngo Lam's love rival
Chung Kin Pong's girlfriend
Ruco Chan Chung Kin Pong, Frankie
A toy engineer, promoted to CEO in Episode 17
Fong Cheuk Kai's boyfriend
Koon Sing Ho's enemy, but finally friend
Che Lee Goh Fu's nephew
Fred Cheng Mak Chiu Chun, Samuel
Koon Sing Ho's subordinate
Lam Ying-hung Jenny Koon Sing Ho's subordinate
Benjamin Yuen Kelvin Koon Sing Ho's subordinate
Tong Chun-ming Leon Koon Sing Ho's subordinate
Tavia Yeung Kan Ngo Lam, Twinkle
A junior toy designer
Koon Sing Ho's subordinate
Chan Man Ching Jojo A receptionist
Fong Cheuk Kei's friend
Gossip queen
Tsang Wai-wan Nancy Che Lee Goh Fu's secretary

Other casts[edit]

Cast Role Description
Ram Chiang Yip Sheung Mao, Greeny
A flower shop owner
The author of "Zodiac Little Princess"
Apple's son
Chi Kam Kiu's boyfriend, later husband
Chi Yat Po's friend, later uncle
Koon Sing Ho, Kam Ngo Lam, Fong Cheuk Kei's friend
Joseph Lee Leung Ping, Romeo
Chi Kam Kiu's ex-husband
Wong Shui and Lam So-ngo's nephew
Wong Mei-kuen's cousin
Cheated Chi Kam Kiu
Law Lok-lam Cheung Wong
A fishery owner
Ar Kwong's father
Chi Kam Kwai's friend
Yip Wai Ar Kwong
Cheung Wong's son
Determined to chear Chi Kam Kiu for money with Leung Ping
Yellow Wong Tsui Hau Hau
An egg hawker, later a vegetable hawker
Cheated Chi Kam Kiu, Wong Shui, Kam Wing Chung, Leung Ping
Arrested for kidnapping Kam Wing Chung
Jack Wu Simon Kan Ngo Lam and Samantha's ex-boyfriend
Cheated Kan Ngo Lam
Terasa Ha Apple Yip Sheung Wai's mother
Fanny Ip Samantha Kan Ngo Lam's classmate and enemy
Simon's ex-girlfriend

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