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Dol-y-bont ("bridge meadow") is a village in Ceredigion, Wales; It lies near Borth, to the north of Llandre. Dôl is Welsh for "meadow", Bont is Welsh for "bridge".

The village was the birthplace of Welsh bard and scholar Dewi Teifi and the retirement location of British physicist C. E. Wynn-Williams.

The area experienced extensive flooding in June 2012.[1]

Location Locality Coordinates
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OS grid
Dôl-y-Bont Ceredigion 52°28′22″N 4°01′38″W / 52.4729°N 04.0273°W / 52.4729; -04.0273Coordinates: 52°28′22″N 4°01′38″W / 52.4729°N 04.0273°W / 52.4729; -04.0273 SN6288


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