Daegu Science High School

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Daegu Science High School
Hangul 영재학교 대구과학고등학교
Revised Romanization Yeongjaehakgyo Daegu gwahak godeunghakgyo
McCune–Reischauer Yŏngjaehakkyo Taegu kwahak kodŭnghakkyo

Daegu Science High School is a high school (for students in the age group of 17 to 19 years) in Daegu, Korea. It was opened on 26 October 1988. As of 2011, it 214 students. The school is for gifted students with talents in mathematics and sciences.

The graduates of the school usually go to science or engineering schools in KAIST, Postech, Seoul National University, UNIST, and other prestigious universities in Korea and in the world.[citation needed]


  • 1987.10.26 official permission of school foundation (2 classrooms, 60 students)
  • 1988.03.01 the inauguration of YoungKyun Son, as the first principal
  • 1988.03.03 the first entrance ceremony
  • 1990.02.12 moved to a newly built school
  • 1991.01.28 the first graduation ceremony (52 students)
  • 1992.05.30 altering school regulations (4 classrooms per grade, 12 classrooms in total)
  • 2006.09.01 the inauguration of Chunhyun Cho, as the eighth principal
  • 2008.12.18 transferred to a science gifted school
  • 2011.02.10 the 21st graduation ceremony (1742 early graduates in total)
  • 2011.03.01 the inauguration of Soodohn Choi, as the tenth principal[citation needed]

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