Dalian Mosque

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Dalian Mosque
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese 大連市清真寺
Simplified Chinese 大连市清真寺
Arabic name
Arabic مسجد داليان
(Masjid Dālyān)

Dalian Mosque is a mosque in Dalian, Liaoning, China. It is located at 96 Beijing Jie. Construction began in 1922, and was completed in 1925. The ahong of the mosque, Hajji Bai Yunxing (白云兴), has served as ahong since 1958, with the exception of the period during the Cultural Revolution until 1979 when the mosque did not operate.[1] As of 2005, it was one of ten mosques in the city of Dalian.[2]

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Coordinates: 38°54′58″N 121°36′46″E / 38.916083°N 121.612655°E / 38.916083; 121.612655