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Based onDecoded by Mai Jia
Written byFeng Ji
Directed byAn Jian
StarringCheney Chen
Ying Er
Jing Chao
Zhang Zhehan
Ady An
Opening themeA Ray of Hope (微芒) by Cao Yang
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes41
Executive producer(s)Luo Junhui
Xie Qi
Production location(s)China
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)Zhejiang Huace Film & TV
Ningbo Radio & Television Group
Original networkHunan TV
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Audio formatStereophonic
Original releaseJune 20 (2016-06-20) –
July 16, 2016 (2016-07-16)

Decoded (Chinese: 解密) is a 2016 Chinese television series based on the novel of the same name by Mai Jia.[1] Directed by An Jian, it stars Cheney Chen, Ying Er, Jing Chao, Zhang Zhehan and Ady An.[2] It was aired on Hunan TV from 20 June to 16 July 2016.[3]

The series topped ratings chart and had over 6 billion views online during its domestic broadcast, but received mixed critical reviews. It was later aired via GetTV in the United States.[4]


During the early days of New China, Country X (a euphemism for the United States) sends out a special operations team to infiltrate China; using the "code purple" to communicate with each other. A top-secret Chinese intelligence agency named Unit 701 was formed, whose sole purpose is devoted to cryptography. Rong Jinzhen, an autistic math genius was recruited into Unit 701. There, he cracks the code purple, without knowing it was invented by his former teacher and best friend, who is actually a military intelligence analyst for Country X. However, this is only the first of many betrayals that follow, and slowly Jinzhen unravels the secrets behind his mysterious past.


Unit 701[edit]

An autistic genius who is timid and lacks confidence, but later grows to become a capable agent. He is good friends with Zhao Qirong.
A girl with photographic memory, who is a revolutionary activist since young. She joined 701 for the sake of her long-time crush An Neng. She was initially jealous of An Neng's care toward Rong Jinzhen, but later falls in love with him.
A skilled sharpshooter. He joined 701 to avenge his father, who died during a mission. He appears cold but is warm-hearted and loyal to his friends.
Having been born and raised in difficult circumstances, Qirong is resilient. Because of his outstanding performance in fitness, he was recruited into 701. He is good friends with Rong Jinzhen.
  • Guo Jingfei as Zheng Dang
Chief of the Encryption Team. He becomes crippled after getting injured during a war. A wise man who leads his juniors in completing their tasks.
  • Yin Xiaotian as An Neng
Vice-Chief of the Operations Team who helps train new recruits. He sees Rong Jinzhen's strengths and goes the extra mile to take care of him.
  • Bai Qinglin as Lei Ting
Leader of the Operations Team and the Head Instructor of the Training Camp. A highly capable and skilled agent. She initially looks down on Rong Jinzhen but grew to admire him. She has a crush on Zheng Dang.
  • Yu Heng as Meng Xiaoyun
Possessing extraordinary hearing abilities, he was brought into 701 by Lei Ting. He hides his low self esteem behind a glib tongue. He is suspected of being a traitor/spy due to his father's job as a foreign investor.
  • Yang Yi as Yan Shi
Daughter of a famous opera singer. Like Rong Jinzhen, she is a mathematical genius and works alongside him to break the code. She likes Pan Shen.
  • Wang Yanyang as Pan Shen
A guy who possesses extraordinary investigative abilities. Pan Shen later comes under the control of the enemies, and becomes schizophrenic. He likes Yan Shi.
  • Wang Tonghui as Liu Yiping
A hero who broke WWII Japanese ciphers, but now turned into a helpless, chess-playing lunatic.
Chief of the Intelligence Office. He loves Lei Ting.
  • Liu Tao as Gao Tie
Chief of the Research Team.

The Awakened[edit]

  • He Qiang as Liseiwicz
A genius encrypter who turned to the enemies' side due to his desire for power. As he used to be Rong Jinzhen's teacher, he understands him well and tries to prevent him from breaking the code.
  • Li Nan as Chen Jiangnian
Boss of Rui Xiang Hostel. He was the murderer who killed Han Bing's mother.
  • Sun Xiaoxiao as Ying Yan
  • Zhang Lingfeng as Qian Peng
  • Zhang Yongqiang as Liang Hong


The lady boss of a fishing shop. She has a deep and memorable love with Rong Jinzhen, and often helps him get out of prickly situations.
  • Gao Ming as Principle / Rong Jinzhen's adoptive grand uncle
  • Liu Jie as Principle's wife
  • Xu Xiaosa as Rong Yinyi


Year Award Category Winner Ref.
2016 12th Chinese American Film Festival Golden Angel Award for Outstanding Television Series Decoded [4]
Golden Angel Award for Best Chinese Director An Jian
8th China TV Drama Awards Top Ten Television Series Decoded [5]
Best Acting Performance Award Cheney Chen, Ying Er
2017 11th National Top-Notch Television Production Award Ceremony Outstanding Television Series Decoded [6]


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