Dharmapala of Kotte

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Dharmapala of Sri Lanka
King of Kotte
Reign1551 – May 27, 1597
PredecessorBhuvanekabahu VII
Royal Palace, Kotte
DiedMay 27, 1597
Portuguese Fort, Colombo
ConsortDona Catarina
ConsortDona Margarida spouse = Dona Isabel
Full name
Dom João Dharmapala Peria Bandara
FatherVeediya Bandara
MotherRoyal Princess Samudra Devi
SignatureDharmapala of Sri Lanka's signature

Dharmapala or Dom João Dharmapala Peria Bandara (1541 – May 27, 1597) was last king of the Kingdom of Kotte, in present-day Sri Lanka, from 1551 until May 27, 1597. He is also known as Dom João Dharmapala, the first Christian king in Sri Lankan history.[1][2]


Dom João Dharmapala was born as the eldest child of Weediye Bandara, a Prince from Madampe and his wife Samudra Devi, daughter of King Bhuvanekabãhu VII the King of Kotte. His exact date of birth is unknown, but the year is commonly regarded as 1541.A golden statue was sent to Portugal to be crowned by the portuguese. It was sent by his predecessor King Buwanekabahu VII.

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Dharmapala of Kotte
Born: ? ? Died: May 27 1597
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Bhuvanekabahu VII
King of Kotte
Succeeded by