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Born (1970-09-11) September 11, 1970 (age 46)
Origin Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Hip hop producer
Years active 1997-present
  • Deranged Music Inc
  • Latchkey Recordings
  • QN5 Music
Associated acts KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Joell Ortiz

Domingo Padilla, better known as Domingo, is an American hip hop producer from Brooklyn, New York of Latino descent.[1] He has produced for some well-known hip hop artists such as Das EFX, Immortal Technique, and Rakim, among others. He is closely associated with Kool G Rap.[2]


In 1997, Domingo produced "The MC" on KRS-One's album I Got Next.[3]

Domingo released his first proper studio album in 1999, titled Behind The Doors Of The 13th Floor. The album featured Eminem, KRS-One, MC Shan and others. In 2003, Domingo released his second album The Difference, which featured The Beatnuts, Dilated Peoples, The High & Mighty and others. The Difference had the Domingo-produced song by KRS-One entitled "Clear Em Out" which sparked the beef between KRS-One and St. Louis rapper Nelly.[4] In 2007 Domingo released his third studio album The Most Underrated. It features Big Daddy Kane, Joell Ortiz, Canibus, Termanology, Immortal Technique, The Beatnuts, Kool G Rap, Brother Ali, and more.[5]

Domingo resurfaced with a new album in 2014 entitled Same Game New Rules, which features Kool G Rap, KRS-One, R.A. the Rugged Man, Sean Price, M.O.P., Prodigy, Chris Rivers (Big Pun's son), Hell Razah, Ras Kass, AZ, Necro, Action Bronson, Sadat X, Rahzel and more.[6] Also in December 2014 Domingo released an EP dedicated to the memory of rapper Big Pun entitled Bronx Legends Never Die.

In 2015, Domingo created the company That's Hip Hop LLC and put on two sold-out concerts in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He also won an ASCAP Rhythm & Blues award for his participation in the Drake song "All Me". In October 2015 Domingo collaborated with Brooklyn rapper Joell Ortiz for his album That's Hip Hop in 2016.[7] Domingo will be releasing his first book in paperback and E-Book entitled Beats For The Rhymes - My Life and Hip Hop in 2016.


Solo albums[edit]

  • Behind The Doors Of The 13th Floor (1999)
  • The Difference (2003)
  • The Most Underrated (2007)
  • Same Game New Rules (2014)



  • Three 6 Mafia - Adventures in Hollyhood - score music Mtv
  • Amy Winehouse - Stronger Then Me (Remix)
  • Angie Martinez - "Suavamente (f/ Wyclef Jean)"
  • Bamboo - "Not The Ones To Sleep," "My Right Hand," "From The Get Up,"
  • Bernie Mac - TV Show [Soundtrack]
  • Big Ben - "Unfinished Business"
  • Big Daddy Kane - "Flame On"
  • Big Punisher - "The Dream Shatterer"
  • Blahzay Blahzay "Danger" (Executive Production)
  • Boogiemonsters: "Beginning of the End","Behold The Pale Horse," "Whoever You Are"
  • Bone Thugs N Harmony : "1st Of The Month (Remix)"
  • Canibus: "Pine Comb Poem", "All Clap (Original) (Feat. Domingo)"
  • Channel Live: "Maintain","Live For Hip-Hop","360","Rethink, Replan Refine","Illegal Broadcasters," "Spark Dat (f/ Benny Boom & Truck Turner)"
  • Chords - "Days Chasing Days (f/ Tonedeff)," "Searching For Dreams"
  • Chubb Rock - "East vs West"
  • Cocoa Brovaz - "Play No Games"
  • Craig G - "Do It Again"
  • Craig Mack - "The HA HA HA," "On Da Run"
  • CunninLynguists - "Southernunderground (title song)"
  • Das EFX - "If U Luv"
  • Deacon The Villain - "Next To Die"
  • Dhark Citi - "Petrified"
  • Dilated Peoples - "Certified Official"
  • DJ JS-1 - "Essentials (f/KRS & Rahzel)"
  • Eminem - "Hustlers & Hardcore (f/Feel-X)"
  • Fat Cat Kareem - "Money Game"
  • Fat Joe - "Success","Part Deux","Say Word", "Dedication"
  • Feel X - "One Time (f/ J. Getm)"
  • First Platoon - "Bodega","Knockin At My Door"
  • Full Nelson - "Candela (f/ SU)," "Toma Lo Que Tengo,"
  • Funkmaster Flex Vol.3 - "KRS Freestyle"
  • Game Over 2 - Various Artists LP.
  • Godsons - "718","Sunday Morning," "Bacardi & Smoke," "Official," "Watch What You Say"
  • Guru - "Major Game"
  • Guatauva - Hip-Hop Side of self-titled LP,
  • High & Mighty - "Rumble"
  • Hurricane G - songs from All Woman
  • I-BORN - "Uncle & Nephew","Me & You"
  • Immortal Technique - "Internally Bleeding," "Sierra Maestra"
  • Infamous Mobb - "Mobb Niggaz (f/ Prodigy)"
  • Kid Frost - "East Side Rendezvous (RMX)"
  • K-Slash - "Blow It Up, Shut It Down"
  • Kool G. Rap - "Take A Loss," "Sex, Money, Drugs," "My Life (f/ CNN)", "Men At Work 2020 (Feat. Ras Kass, Marley Marl, Action Bronson, Necro, Nusto, R.I., F.T., & Rugged Intellect)"
  • KRS-One - songs from Keep Right, The MC and Spiritual Minded
  • Lady Red: "Dona Roja","Talk Game","Me & You," "New York, New York"
  • Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - "UNTITLED" (UNRELEASED)
  • Main One - "Bring The Drama," "El Gran Combo," "4 My Shorties"
  • Maniac Men - "Mecca"
  • Masta Ace - "No Regrets", "Dear Diary", "The Type I Hate", "Alphabet Soup"
  • Mecca - "Beastin"
  • Mexicano 777 - Songs from God's Assassins
  • Nature - "Can I Get Some Pussy?"
  • Non Phixion - "Caught Between Worlds"
  • Okwerdz - "Time For A Change"
  • PackFM - "The Fuck," "I Can't Win", "Ignorance Is Bliss (f/ Apathy & Deacon)", "Nasty", "Take our Place" (f/ Dominion), "Here We Go (Come On)"
  • Papoose - "Untitled"
  • Paula Perry - "Fort Knox"
  • Pizon - "Homegirls"
  • Punch & Words - "Native New Yorker"
  • QN5 Allstars - "Slogans"
  • Rakim - "Watch This," "Bring It On"
  • Random - "Rock and Roll"
  • Ras Kass - "Got You Too Hot (f/ Diezel Don & Hurricane G)", "Me & My Twins '05 (Feat. Ras & Taj)", "Life/Time (Dead Doves) (Feat. Roscoe, Jay Rock, BLKdiamond, Lil Boo (Zoo Gang), & Taje)", "Men At Work 2020 (Feat. Kool G Rap, Marley Marl, Action Bronson, Necro, Nusto, R.I., F.T., & Rugged Intellect)", "So Sick (Feat. Stress1)"
  • Rahzel - "How Many Times (f/ Keith Murray & Lord Tariq)"
  • Rise - "From A Child To The MC"
  • Royal Flush - "Double Up (f/ Big L & Kool G. Rap)," "Do It"
  • Rugged Intellect - "Say Goodbye," "By Any Means," "By Any Means Part II," "Emancipation," "Old School (Remix)," "Rep My Name," "Gonna Move," "Say Goodbye Remix (f/ Party Arty, Sean Price, Ruste Juxx & Solomon Childs," "State of the Art (f/ Sean Price)," and "Next Dose (f/ Ras Kass)"
  • Sean Price (aka Ruck) - "Irrationally Speaking"
  • Session - "Soulcrush," "The MC 2003"
  • Shaquille O'Neal - "Best To Worst","Edge of Night"
  • Sinz of Reality - "Sinz of Reality"
  • Solo For Dolo - "Crown Royal" "Intro" "Go Ask Alice" "Wake Up" "Just Be" "Uprise"
  • Supastition - "It's Over Now"
  • THOR-EL - "Who R U Frontin 4?", "T.O.P," "Is You Is," "Patiently"
  • Tomorrowz Weaponz - "Que Que?," "Para Que Sepan"
  • Tonedeff - "Spanish Song," "Heads Up", "Ridiculous", "Loyal (original)", "Hypocrite," "Case Closed," "Give A Damn"
  • Tony Touch - "Trouble On The West Side Highway (f/ Slick Rick)"
  • Tony Yayo - "Homicide"
  • Truck Turner - "Truck Turner", "5 Deadly Games"
  • Wolfpack - Omar Epps+G Sharp: Full LP [UNRELEASED]


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