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Downcity is a historic neighborhood of Providence, Rhode Island in the United States. The name usually refers to the area surrounded by I-95, Memorial Boulevard (on the eastern edge), Smith Street, and the space that used to be I-195. In the early 2000s, after several decades of decline, investments into Downcity helped it to resume its position as a major commercial and cultural center of the region.[1]


Downcity has three distinct districts, as labeled by the street signs on the intersections.

Financial District[edit]

The Financial district contains most of the city's skyline, and the first two of the tallest skyscrapers are located here. The Financial District is also home to The Arcade, a historic indoor shopping center, the Federal Reserve Building, and Kennedy Plaza. Nortek, Textron, and BankRI are headquartered here, and Sovereign Bank and Bank of America have corporate branch offices located here.

Arts District[edit]

Located on the Western end of Downcity. Johnson and Wales University, The Providence Performing Arts Center, and Trinity Repertory Company are located here. A popular arts community and gallery, AS220, is also located here.

Capital Center[edit]

Refers to the district directly south of the State Capitol Building, the northern part of Downcity. Much of Waterplace Park, Providence Place Mall, the Amtrak Train Station, and the Westin Hotel are located here.

Citizens Bank and G-Tech are headquartered here.