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Dracs are a fictional extraterrestrial reptilian humanoid species from the works of author Barry B. Longyear, most notably Enemy Mine. Their homeworld is called Dracon. They have claws and their bodies and heads are covered with plates of various sizes. They can swim. The Dracs have a language based on gurgling sounds and put great stock by their lineages as well as the teachings of their prophet Shizumat.

Dracs are hermaphrodites and reproduce by way of parthenogenesis, an asexual form of reproduction found in females where growth and development of an embryo occurs without fertilization by a male. They have no control over timing of conception.

As a tradition, before a young one is accepted into Drac society, its parent has to recite its whole lineage to the Drac Council.

In film[edit]

In the 1985 film of Enemy Mine, the Drac species is at war with humans (associated as the Bilateral Terran Alliance, or BTA).

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