Dude Chilling Park

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Dude Chilling Park
Public art installation
Sign installation at the west end of Guelph Park
Sign installation at the west end of Guelph Park
DesignViktor Briestensky
ConstructionNovember 2012
AddressBrunswick Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dude Chilling Park is located in Vancouver (British Columbia)
Dude Chilling Park
Dude Chilling Park
Location in Vancouver
Coordinates: 49°15′50″N 123°05′45″W / 49.2640118°N 123.095931°W / 49.2640118; -123.095931Coordinates: 49°15′50″N 123°05′45″W / 49.2640118°N 123.095931°W / 49.2640118; -123.095931

Dude Chilling Park is a sign installation, originally created as a prank, which now has official public art status in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is located at the 2300 block of Brunswick Street in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver in Guelph Park.[1][2][3] The sign is located on the southwest corner of the park.


In November 2012, the sign was created as a prank by local artist Viktor Briestensky, as a light-hearted reference to Reclining Figure, a public art piece by Michael Dennis installed in Guelph Park in 1991.[4] Vancouver Park Board staff removed the sign, but local resident Dustin Bromley launched an online petition to save the sign. After 1,800 signatures of support, the Parks Board decided to reinstall the sign permanently on February 27, 2014, because it celebrates the unique characteristics of the park and neighbouring community. In September 2014, the installation was stolen but has since been replaced.[5]

Popular culture[edit]

Dude Chilling Pale Ale

International attention for Dude Chilling Park included U.S. late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel who said "Between Dude Chilling Park and Mayor Ford, I might have to move to Canada."[6] R&B Brewing, a local Vancouver brewery, created "Dude Chilling Pale Ale" in their year-round line-up as a tribute.


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