East and Central Africa cricket team

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East and Central Africa
East and Central Africa cricket logo
ICC status Former member (1989 to 2003)
ICC region Africa
WCL n/a
Coach n/a
Captain n/a
First international
6 June 1990 v Denmark at Schiedam, Netherlands
World Cup Qualifier
Appearances 4 (first in 1990)
Best result Plate competition, 1990
As of 1 August 2007

The East and Central African cricket team was a cricket team representing Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia in international cricket matches. They were an associate member of the International Cricket Council from 1989 until 2003.


The team was a replacement for the East African team that was an associate member of the ICC until 1989. Uganda and Tanzania were joined by Malawi and Zambia, and the cricket team made its ICC Trophy debut in 1990. They played in the following three ICC Trophies, although for the 2001 tournament, they represented Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia only, Uganda having become an associate member of the ICC in their own right in 1998. Tanzania also became an associate member in their own right shortly after the 2001 ICC Trophy, and the team was finally dissolved in 2003, at which point Zambia became an associate member, and Malawi an affiliate member.

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