Edsel Ford High School

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Edsel Ford High School
Edsel Ford High School, Deaborn, Michigan.jpg
20601 Rotunda
Dearborn, Michigan
U.S.A. 48124
Coordinates 42°17′23.6″N 83°14′1.7″W / 42.289889°N 83.233806°W / 42.289889; -83.233806Coordinates: 42°17′23.6″N 83°14′1.7″W / 42.289889°N 83.233806°W / 42.289889; -83.233806
Type Public High School
Established 1955
School district Dearborn Public Schools
Principal Scott Casebolt
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 1,535
Campus Suburban
Color(s) Black and White          
Nickname Thunderbirds
Accreditation North Central Association
Yearbook Flight
Affiliation Downriver League [1]

Edsel Ford High School is a secondary school located in Dearborn, Michigan, USA in Greater Detroit. Edsel Ford, located on Rotunda Drive, near Oakwood, is one of three public high schools in the Dearborn Public Schools (along with Fordson and Dearborn High). Edsel Ford High School was completed in 1955, and the first graduating class was in 1956.

The school's enrollment include members of all of the major ethnic groups within Dearborn.[2]



Edsel Ford himself donated money for a high school to be built in Dearborn with its curricula based on the humanities. The first teaching staff at the school was sent to the University of Chicago to be formally trained in the humanities. The English humanities program consisted of three hours of English, one hour of art, and one hour of music study per week. The Science, Social Studies and Mathematics programs were integrated to the extent that cultural, philosophical and logical elements were studied in the correlated curricula. Academic subjects were often linked together by time period or a similar focus. Students were expected to keep their notes from 10th grade through 12th grade as the program was cumulative.

Art and Music mid-terms and finals were held, college-like, with the entire class examining in the auditorium and graded on the entire class test curve. These examinations had challenging visual and/or audio components.


The Newstaff class consists of students who have completed a Journalism class in order to write for the school newspaper, The Bolt. Articles, written over a couple of weeks by students, are published for regular distribution among the current enrollment. "The Bolt" newspaper lead positions include Editor-In-Chief, Managing Editor, and Layout Editor. Generally these positions are given to qualified students who have prior knowledge in the Newstaff class. Every year, the number of editions published varies, as time constraints can delay distribution of the paper. Currently, Newstaff is offered during 5th Hour and is run by Mr. Keith Rydzik. Newspapers are handed out during this hour once the newspapers have been published. The last edition of The Bolt is a senior edition, which consists of senior profiling, including the seniors' chosen future college or university. This edition is exclusive to senior students and staff members.


The Yearbook class consists of students who have completed a Journalism class and who are dedicated to creating the annual school yearbook, Flight. Student social, intramural, sports and cultural activities and photographs are carefully accumulated over several months to eventually be published in the next sequence of the school yearbook. Every year, Flight has a theme, which most recently was dubbed Bleed Black & White. Lead positions are given to students familiar with notable class activities and personalities. Currently, Yearbook is instructed by Ms. Kitty Daly and taught during 6th Hour, the last hour of the school day. Yearbooks are published and distributed the last weeks of the school year so students have an opportunity to sign each other's yearbooks.

Extra-Curricular activities[edit]

Edsel Ford High School also encourages the full development of character through the many sports available in all three seasons of the school year. Most sports have both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams.[citation needed]

T. C. Cameron, author of Metro Detroit's High School Football Rivalries, wrote that Ford's athletic rivalry with Dearborn High School "has always been spirited" and that Ford's teams "never pass on a chance" to challenge Dearborn High in games.[2]


  • Model United Nations
  • Debate Club
  • Islamic Club
  • Teens for Christ
  • Thornley Court
  • National Honors Society
  • French National Honors Society
  • German National Honors Society
  • Spanish National Honors Society
  • Interact Club
  • Drama Club
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • Go Green Club
  • Quill & Scroll

The Ford Connection[edit]

The school was named as a tribute to the son of world-famous industrialist, entrepreneur, and Dearbornite, Henry Ford. His son, Edsel Ford, also became famous for his work at the company his father founded and of which he was president from 1919 until his sudden death in 1943.


Notable alumni[edit]


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