Edward Grey (bishop)

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Styles of
Edward Grey
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Reference style The Right Reverend
Spoken style My Lord or Bishop

Edward Grey (25 March 1782–24 July 1837) was an Anglican clergyman who served in the Church of England as the Bishop of Hereford from 1832 to 1837.[1]

He was nominated bishop of the diocese of Hereford by King George IV on 4 May 1832 and consecrated on 20 May 1832.[1]

He died in office on 27 June 1837.[1] He was the son of Charles Grey, 1st Earl Grey; he was therefore entitled, from 1801 onwards, to the style The Hon.[2]


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Church of England titles
Preceded by
George Huntingford
Bishop of Hereford
Succeeded by
Thomas Musgrave