Egge (Lower Saxon Hills)

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Egge Hills
View from the Egge Tower on the Velmerstot looking south over the crest of the Egge Hills
Highest point
Peak Preußische Velmerstot
Elevation 468 m above NN
Length 50 km (31 mi)
Karte Niedersaechsisches Bergland.jpg
Country Germany
State/Province Höxter, Paderborn, Lippe, North Rhine-Westphalia
Range coordinates 51°44′00″N 8°58′00″E / 51.733333°N 8.966667°E / 51.733333; 8.966667Coordinates: 51°44′00″N 8°58′00″E / 51.733333°N 8.966667°E / 51.733333; 8.966667
Parent range Lower Saxon Hills

The Egge Hills (German: Eggegebirge, About this sound German pronunciation ), or just the Egge (die Egge) is a range of forested hills, up to 464 m above sea level (NN),[1] in the east of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.


The Egge extends from the southern tip of the Teutoburg Forest range near Horn-Bad Meinberg southwards to the northern parts of the Sauerland near Marsberg. Its highest point is the Preußischer Velmerstot at an altitude of 468m. It is part of the Lower Saxon Hills and one of the two main lines of hills within the Teutoburg Forest / Egge Hills Nature Park.

It also constitutes part of the watershed between the rivers Rhine and Weser.


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