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El-Sakakini (Arabic: السكاكيني; also spelled El-Sakkakini) is a small district (quarter) in Cairo, Egypt that neighbours the El Zaher and Abbaseya districts.

Sakakini was originally part of El Zaher, but it was named after a wealthy, famous, family of Syrian origin, whose patriarch (head of the family), Count Gabriel Habib Sakakini Pasha (1841–1923) had built a palace and a church in the area in 1897.[1] In addition, Sakakini Pasha, is known to have established the Roman Catholic Patriarchate in Faggala and the Roman Catholic Cemetery in Old Cairo.[2]

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Coordinates: 30°04′01″N 31°15′58″E / 30.067°N 31.266°E / 30.067; 31.266