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Ellen Guon Beeman (maiden name: Guon) is an American fantasy and science fiction author, television screenwriter and computer game designer/producer. She has published four novels and has worked on over 40 video games.

Career in the game industry[edit]

Ellen Beeman describes herself as "mom, videogame designer and producer, author, gadget geekette, Celtic fiddler, former TV writer and city commissioner, etc."[1]

In 1989, Beeman left a career in television writing and was hired by Sierra Online as a project manager.[2] She worked as a writer and project manager at Origin Systems for several Wing Commander titles.

In 2006, she was ranked in the top 100 most influential women in the game industry by Edge Online (formerly next-gen.biz).[3] At the time, she was Lead Program Manager at Microsoft Casual Games, a producer role.

Beeman has also been credited at Monolith Productions, Electronic Arts and Disney. She has lectured at many game industry conferences, including Game Developers Conference, LOGIN, SXSW Interactive, Microsoft Gamefest, PAX and PAX Dev, and Game Design Expo. She is one of the founders as well as formerly the Program Chair for Women in Games International.[3]

As of 2014, she is an independent video game developer and consultant in Kirkland, Washington, and a Senior Lecturer at DigiPen Institute of Technology.[4][5][6][7]


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