Eparchy of Banat

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Eparchy of Banat
Банатска епархија
Banatska eparhija
Coat of Arms of Eparchy of Banat
Territory Serbian Banat
Headquarters Vršac, Serbia
Denomination Eastern Orthodox
Sui iuris church Serbian Orthodox Church
Patriarchate of Peć (Serbia)
Established 16th century
Language Church Slavonic
Current leadership
Bishop Nikanor Bogunović
Eparchies and monasteries of Serbian Orthodox Church in Vojvodina
Map of the eparchies of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Serbia, showing the Eparchy of Banat
Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Vršac

The Eparchy of Banat (Serbian: Банатска епархија or Banatska eparhija) is an ecclesiastical territory or eparchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Banat region, Serbia. It is mostly situated in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, while the eparchy also include a small south-western part of Banat that belongs to the City of Belgrade as well as village of Ostrovo that belongs to the city of Požarevac. The seat of the eparchy is in Vršac.

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