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Fan grass
Starr 080604-5952 Eustachys petraea.jpg
Eustachys petraea
Midway Atoll, Pacific Ocean
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
(unranked): Angiosperms
(unranked): Monocots
(unranked): Commelinids
Order: Poales
Family: Poaceae
Genus: Eustachys
Desv. 1810 [1] not Salisb. 1866 (syn of Ornithogalum)
Type species
Eustachys petraea
(Sw.) Desv.[1]
  • Schultesia Spreng.
  • Chloroides Fisch. ex Regel

Eustachys (fan grass or fingergrass) is a genus of tropical and subtropical plants in the grass family. It is native primarily to warmer parts of the Americas, with a few species in Africa and Asia.[3][4][5]


Species include:[2][6][7][8]

  1. Eustachys bahiensis (Steud.) Herter - Brazil (Bahia, Paraná, Pernambuco), Bolivia (Chuquisaca, Santa Cruz), Uruguay, Argentina
  2. Eustachys brevipila (Roseng. & Izag.) Caro & E.A.Sánchez - Uruguay, Argentina (Corrientes, Entre Rios), Brazil (Mato Grosso do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul)
  3. Eustachys calvescens (Hack.) Caro & E.A.Sánchez - Uruguay, Argentina (Misiones), Paraguay, Brazil (Mato Grosso, Paraná, Santa Catarina)
  4. Eustachys caribaea (Spreng.) Herter - Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia; naturalized in United States (TX LA MS GA)
  5. Eustachys distichophylla Nees - Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru; naturalized in United States (CA AL GA FL)
  6. Eustachys floridana Chapm. - United States (AL GA FL)
  7. Eustachys glauca Chapm. - United States (MS AL GA FL SC NC)
  8. Eustachys neglecta (Nash) Nash - United States (AL TX FL)
  9. Eustachys paranensis A.M.Molina - Brazil (Paraná)
  10. Eustachys paspaloides (Vahl) Lanza & Mattei - Oman, Yemen, eastern + southern Africa from Eritrea to Cape Province
  11. Eustachys petraea (Sw.) Desv. - United States (TX LA MS AL GA FL SC NC PA NY), Mexico, West Indies (Bahamas, Greater + Lesser Antilles), Central + South America; naturalized on various Pacific Islands (Hawaii, Midway, Carolines, Marianas, Kiribati)
  12. Eustachys retusa (Lag.) Kunth - Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia; naturalized in United States (TX FL GA SC NY)
  13. Eustachys swalleniana A.M.Molina - Brazil (Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul), Uruguay (Cerro Largo)
  14. Eustachys tenera (J.S.Presl) A.Camus - New Guinea, southeast Asia, southern China incl Taiwan
  15. Eustachys uliginosa (Hack.) Herter - Uruguay, Argentina (Corrientes, Entre Rios, Misiones), Paraguay, Brazil (Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul), Bolivia (Santa Cruz)
Open florets on the extended (green) rachilla of an E. paspaloides spikelet, showing the white anthers below, and feathery stigmas above.

Former species[edit]

Some species formerly under Eustachys are under the genera Chloris or Ornithogalum, they include:[2]


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