Everybody Hurts (The Sopranos)

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"Everybody Hurts"
The Sopranos episode
Sopranos ep406.jpg
AJ talks with Meadow at the legal aid clinic where she volunteers in the South Bronx.
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 6
Directed bySteve Buscemi
Written byMichael Imperioli
Cinematography byAlik Sakharov
Production code406
Original air dateOctober 20, 2002
Running time55 minutes
Guest appearance(s)

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"Everybody Hurts" is the 45th episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the sixth of the show's fourth season. Written by Michael Imperioli and directed by Steve Buscemi, it originally aired on October 20, 2002.


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Guest starring[edit]


In a gossipy mood, Carmela tells Tony "that nice sales-lady" Gloria Trillo is dead, by suicide. Tony goes to the car showroom to find out more, then furiously confronts Jennifer Melfi, looming over her. When he calms down, she explains that he should not blame her, or himself, for the death. "She slipped through everybody's grasp."

Tony signs a living trust for Carmela, in place of the trust he refused to sign before. He arranges for Brian Cammarata to be provided with discounted suits. He takes Janice out for a companionable dinner. He wants to show that he is "not a toxic person," that he is, in Brian's words, "a great guy." He continues the good deeds with another dinner where Furio is introduced to a blind date arranged by Carmela. She smiles uneasily when they get on well.

A.J.'s friends are excited and curious about his "gangster" family. He visits the lavish home of his girlfriend Devin Pillsbury and is intimidated when he realizes how wealthy her family is. His friends ask why his family does not have "Don Corleone money" and he cannot answer.

One evening at home, doped on heroin, Christopher receives a call from Tony instructing him to meet in twenty minutes. Tony tells Chris that to limit his exposure, he will be giving more of his orders through him and Chris will "take the family into the 21st century." Above all, they are blood relations. Chris feels deeply honored but continues to take heroin.

Artie has a new French hostess at Nuovo Vesuvio, Élodie Colbert; he is attracted to her and she flirts. Her brother, Jean Philippe, wants a $50,000 bridge loan for ten days to conclude a deal to distribute Armagnac in the United States. Artie agrees to lend him the money at 13 percent interest. He tries to borrow the money from Ralphie, who declines but mentions it to Tony. Tony meets Artie, reminds him of their friendship, and insists that he accept the loan from him at only one-and-a-half percent interest.

Ten days pass and Jean-Philippe is not answering the phone. Artie goes to his home; Jean-Philippe says plainly that the deal has failed and there is no money. Artie attacks him. Jean-Philippe gets the better of him, rips out his earring and throws him out. At home, Artie overdoses on alcohol and pills and calls Tony to apologize. Tony deduces that he is trying to kill himself and calls 911. At the hospital, Tony says that Artie can clear his $6,000 tab at Nuovo Vesuvio in lieu of payment. Artie expresses admiration that Tony could intuitively foresee that the deal would go bad and so he would be able to profit from it; this observation makes Tony furious. Furio is sent by Tony to Jean-Philippe's apartment to collect the debt.

First appearances[edit]


  • Gloria Trillo: Tony learns of Gloria's suicide by hanging in this episode.

Title reference[edit]

  • The episode's title refers to the emotional difficulties faced by Tony, Adriana, Artie, Gloria, and Dr. Melfi. “Everybody Hurts” is also the title of a popular early-90s ballad by influential American folk/rock band R.E.M.

Cultural references[edit]


  • Armand Van Helden's "Kentucky Fried Flow" is played when Christopher and his friend are seen in a bathroom and his friend is vomiting, while Christopher is looking in the mirror after shooting heroin
  • Weezer's "Island in the Sun" is played during the conversation between Carmela and Adriana at the gym
  • "I Only Have Eyes For You," by The Flamingos, is played in the scene where Tony has dinner with Janice
  • D'Angelo's "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" is playing when A.J. and Devin are making out on the couch in the Soprano home
  • The Aquatones's "You" plays as Tony dreams about Gloria
  • "Ballin' Out Of Control" - Jermaine Dupri, Featuring Nate Dogg
  • "Vesuvio" by Spaccanapoli is the sensual dance song played at Furio's housewarming (also known as "Furio's Song)
  • "Em'Ma" - Manu Dibango
  • "Tout doucement" - Bibie
  • Billy Joel's "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" is played in a scene near the end, where Tony, Carmela, and their guests have a meal at an Italian restaurant, presumably following the Billy Joel concert
  • The song played over the end credits is "Take Me for a Little While" by Dave Edmunds


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