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Ezza (Ezaa)
Total population
~about 1,000,000 (2018 projection)[1]
Regions with significant populations
 Nigeria about 1,000,000 (2018 projection)[1]
Ezza language

Ezza is an Igbo sub-group, in Southeastern Nigeria.[2]. As a people, Ezzas are collectively referred to by the singular name Ezza/Ezaa or Ezza-Ezekuna in reference to their progenitor. Ezza's are found predominantly in Ebonyi State, mainly Ebonyi Central and in great numbers in Ebonyi North and South. They reside in various communities such as Ezza-Effium, Ezza-Ezillo, Abaomege, Ukawu, etc; and a very significant number live in parts of Enugu, Benue, Cross River States and other parts of Nigeria.


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