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Factorio logo.png
The Factorio logo
Developer(s) Wube Software
Publisher(s) Wube Software
Director(s) Michal "Kovarex" Kovarik
Tomas Kozelek
Designer(s) Michal Kovarik
Programmer(s) Michal Kovarik
Tomas Kozelek
Artist(s) Albert Bertolin (art director)
Vaclav "V453000" Benc
Composer(s) Daniel James Taylor
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux
  • WW: 2012 (Alpha)
Genre(s) Action, real-time strategy, survival
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer

Factorio is an upcoming real-time strategy video game in development by Wube Software. The completed version is scheduled to be released in 2017 for Windows, Linux and macOS.[1][2]


The game has been developed by a team of developers from Prague since mid 2012. The development team originally consisted of a single person, but has grown larger. Wube Software (/ˈwˌbɛ/) was created in September 2014 by Michal Kovarik and Tomas Kozelek in Prague, Czech Republic. To fund the game the development team began an Indiegogo campaign, which started on 31 January, 2013 and concluded on 3 March, 2013. The campaign raised 21,626 of the €17,000 goal.[3][4][5] Following the crowdfunding success, Wube sold early access editions of the game to raise further funds. The developer credits the April 2014 release of the game's trailer as a significant driver of those sales.[6] As of April 2017, the team consists of 16 members.[7]

One of the game's designers cited the "IndustrialCraft" and "BuildCraft" Minecraft mods for inspiration during the game's development.[8]

The game was released on Steam Early Access on 25 February 2016, and its developers aim for a full release in late 2017.[9]


The game follows the story of a spaceman who crash landed on an alien planet. As the only survivor, he has to harvest his resources by hand in order to build up an industrial infrastructure to eventually build a rocket and escape back to space, while facing inhabitants of the planet who defend their native environment from the pollution and destruction by the player.[10]


Factorio is a resource gathering game with real-time strategy and survival elements, with influences from the BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft mods for the Minecraft computer game.[8] The player survives by locating and harvesting resources to craft different tools and machines, which in turn create more advanced materials that allow for the progression to more sophisticated technologies and machines. The game progresses as the player continues to build and manage their automated factory-style system, which automates the mining, transporting, processing and assembling of resources. Players research advanced technologies that allow them to create new structures, items and upgrades, starting with basic automation that leads to drones and exoskeletons.[11][12]

The current version of the game is formally "won" by launching a rocket with a satellite, although choosing to ignore this goal and instead continue to build a factory is possible, as Factorio is an open world game. Construction of a rocket requires massive amounts of resources, forcing the player to set up a sizable, effective factory in order to complete the game's goal. There are achievements for finishing the game in under 15 or under 8 hours, which indicates the expected completion time for a skilled player. The any% speed-running world record is 1 hour 58 minutes and 15 seconds, but while using a favorable map seed and aliens set to peaceful,[13] conditions that allow a more controlled playthrough.


The player is concerned with defending themselves and their factory from the planet's increasingly aggressive indigenous fauna, who become increasingly more hostile as pollutant emissions created by the player's industry increase, necessitating the importance for the player to consider the balance between their production and the enemy's aggressiveness.[14] There are three types of enemies; biters, spitters, and worms which spawn from bases that are generated randomly. Combat can be done in the early game with a pistol, which then leads to a sub-machine gun, a shotgun and finally the combat shotgun. Ammunition also has multiple types, including 'penetrating' rounds which can pass through enemies and do damage to anything on the other side.

Early on, turret technology is available to the player, giving access to the construction of automated sub-machine gun turrets. These turrets will auto-fire at enemies and are useful for employing an automated defense in the early stages of the game. Mid-game technologies provide access to laser turrets which, unlike the automated sub-machine gun turret, do not consume ammunition, and instead consume electricity to function. They do more damage, and do not reload making laser turrets ideal for a mid-to-late-game defense system.

The rest of the mid-to-late game brings the engine technology to produce 3 different vehicles: the car, tank and train. The car is fast, lightly armored, equipped with a single sub-machine gun, and has a large inventory space, which is helpful for not only combating the enemies, but also for quick transportation of the player and large quantities of items. The tank is heavily armoured, equipped with a cannon and a sub-machine gun, but is much slower than the car. The tank excels at attacking enemy colonies from a distance which reduces the amount of local hostiles. Then the train, which has no method for attacking enemies on its own, is mainly used for the moving of cargo and the player while also allowing for complex networks of transportation.


Multiplayer mode allows people, both locally and via the internet to play together cooperatively.[9][15] Factorio supports both dedicated servers as well as player-hosted listen servers; while a previous version used peer-to-peer connectivity, this has been removed since for more robust server options.[16][17]

Downloadable content[edit]

The game was designed to be customisable via mods to create additional content, such as modifications to gameplay or re-texturing of visual elements. The developers offer an online portal on the Factorio website for mod developers to host their content. To help support the modding community, there is an in-game mod manager that allows players to quickly download mods hosted on the Factorio website.


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